Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The super-soft, super-easy baby carrier - product review

Before I had Baby J, I would often look in wonder at mothers who used carriers to carry their babies around. The babies either looked super cosy, or super uncomfortable, and the mothers either looked blissfully happy or really struggling. My sister in law always looked so happy and comfortable carrying my nephew and he looked so snug being close to his mummy. So when Baby J came along I decided I'd give this baby carrying a go, and not knowing one carrier from another bought one from eBay and hoped for the best. My carrier arrived and looked the most complicated thing ever... with clips and straps and attachments here there any everywhere, it was made worse by the fact I didn't get any instructions...anyhow I managed to get baby in, and eventually out and for a few weeks it was fine,but when he started moving it was impossible to get him in, and getting him out was a nightmare....so bye bye carrier.
Recently via twitter I came across 'Joy and Joe baby carriers' and was asked if I would be willing to roadtest one. Having looked at their website I agreed, was there such thing as an easy carrier, or was I looking at nightmare on baby carrier street 2? The lovely people at Joy & Joe quickly sent me a carrier and when it arrived I smiled for 3 reasons -
1 - They sent me a cadburys purple carrier  [purple is my favourite colour]
2 - The carrier came with instructions... nice clear instructions, that had pictures and looked easy to follow.
3- There wasn't a clip, catch or attachment in sight.
In fact the carrier was just one length of fabric, a very long soft piece of fabric at that, how was this going to work? & How long would it take for me to get it right? Surprisingly not very long!! I laid the instructions out and followed them step by step, and by the last step I had the carrier wrapped around me, secured ready for Baby J to be fitted in.  Now it was all very well that I could get the carrier on, the test was always going to be getting Baby J in....and I managed it, without too many issues either.
It was lovely having Baby J so close, and he loved being able to snuggle with his mummy, especially when he was sleepy. I only wish I had of invested in one of Joy and Joy baby carriers from the start, it would of made my life so much easier being able to carry him round next to me, and knowing he was so snug would of been reassuring. 

Now Baby J is bigger, and heavier I'm not going to be able to carry him round for long periods of time, but I'm hoping to make the most of the carrier whilst I can.
This picture is taken from the Joy and Joe website and shows how the carrier works -
Plain baby wrap- lilac

The wraps come in a variety of colours,  they are 100% cotton, washable, and  meet all the safety requirements, best of all they work! They are also affordable [just go directly to their website as you won't find a better deal else where on the web], they won't break the bank and will be a great investment. http://www.joyandjoebaby.co.uk/index.php

Slummy Mummy Seal of approval - GRANTED! 

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