Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sensitive skin care products for babies - Ellapure

As part of my quest to find suitable skin for Baby J's sensitive skin, I was sent a selection of products to try from Ellapure     Ellapure believe that in creating products that are a pure, natural and fresh as possible. Their products are created without using harsh chemicals such as Parabens. They have a wonderful large selection of products.
I was sent 3 fabulous items to try - The Wonderwash, Nature's Nappy Cream, and Baby Sleep Cream.
Both creams smelled heavenly of lavender & chamomile. I found the nappy cream much thinner than most branded creams, but it surprised me & worked well, I also used it on Baby J's cheeks after a particularly bad dribble day, within an hour you could see that the redness had gone down and his cheeks were soothed. I tried the sleep cream the same night and confess I didn't read how to use it to use it and just rubbed it on Baby J's chest, that night he slept well, and slept in longer in the morning too, I did the same for the next few nights and had the same outcome...I then realised it was suppose to only be put on Baby's pulse points....wps! I tried doing this and..... he still slept well, HOORAY! I also confess that one day it ended up in my work bag, and after a particular stressful morning I used it on my pulse points....& I'm pleased to say it helped calm me down too & also those I work with too. 

The Wonderwash intrigued me, what made it so wonderful? I read up about it, used it and found out that 'Wonderwash' by name wonder wash by nature! It has multiple uses, in the bath, shower, shampoo, handwash. It can be used on its own, or you can add essential oils to it. I used it on its own and loved it. It's gentle and kind - perfect for sensitive baby skin. Hubby also loved it and calls it the 'one bottler' as he only needs to take one bottle into the bathroom for bubba The dispenser made it easy to measure the quantity and to use with baby around. Big Thumbs up! 
All the products are well priced and are perfect for little baby skin.
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED

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  1. These diapers are great for a baby growing out of the Size 2 and into a Size 3. My daughter needed a Size 3 before she was crawling or really on the go and these were great. The are also extremely absorbent for overnight. Once my daughter started crawling we put her in the Cruisers. However, we still use the Dry for overnight, because she likes to tinkle so much at night!