Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sensitive skin care products for babies - Bloom Bump & Baby

Still on my quest to find sensitive skin care products for babies, I was sent a selection of oils from Bloom Bump & Baby to try out. Could oils & balm be my skin care saviour?
Bloom Bump & Baby [BBB] -
BBB have created wholesome 100% natural products for baby & mummy. No nasties in them at all.  I have tried basic baby oils in the past, and whilst Baby J has always been happy to lay back and be massaged I hadn't been able to find a suitable oil for his skin, many of the branded ones are thick, they don't absorb very well and have left his skin feeling greasy. So when BBB sent me some oils I was keen to try them to see how they compared.
We were sent a wonderful selection of oils and balms which I've shared with the other slummies which included - Moisturising Mother & Baby oil, Comforting Tummy oil, Easy Breathe Chest rub oil, Relaxing Baby Massage oil & Magic Balm.
Relaxing Baby Massage Oil - Bloom Bump and Baby
All of the oils are delicately scented, and left both mine and Baby J's skin nourished,well moisturised and soft which lasted all day. The oils were easily absorbed and didn't leave our skin feeling greasy at all. After bathtime I dug out my baby massage book and followed a simply routine using the  Relaxing Baby Massage oil, Baby J loved it, and the calming aromas helped relax me too. As soon as Baby J's PJ's were on he was ready for bed, and would of happily by-passed story time too [but Mummy wanted the next instalment of the story]
The past few days Baby J has become a snot monster once again, so last night after his bath I used the Easy Breathe Chest rub as with the others it was easily absorbed, the cooling and clearing vapours smelt lovely as I gently rubbed his chest, and when he had cuddles before bed I could still smell them. This  morning was the same, and whilst he was still snotty I do feel that he had a better nights sleep.
magic balm
The Magic balm has multiple uses, its soft and gentle and ideal for dry patches, its solid in the pot and needs softening before use, Baby J got a tad impatient and wriggly, so I could only use it in small quantities on him, it smells lovely and is  nourishing. I've now got into a routine of after using it on Baby J I now use it as a lip balm on myself, which have worked wonders on my dry cracked lips.
The other products are still be tested by the other Slummies and so I will add their comments once they've been roadtested.
I'm really impressed with the oils, my opinion of using them have totally changed and I have added them to both mine and Baby J's daily routine. The bottles look stylish in my bathroom and I feel they are well priced, especially considering you are safe in the knowledge that they are 100% natural. Big Thumbs Up!
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED

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