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Sensitive skin care products for babies - miamoo

Since Baby J was born he's always had slightly sensitive skin, back in January I noticed his skin getting more sensitive and swicthed to 'sensitive' ranges of the leading brands of baby skin care ranges, but this didn't really do very much. So I started my quest to look into other brands of skin care for babies, so during baby hour on twitter I ask if anyone could recommend products  for babies with sensitive skin. 3 suggestions were made, and over the past few weeks I've been roadtesting the items to bring you my review and recommendations.
Founded by Saira Khan., these products are suitable  for pregnant mother, and on baby from birth. They are 98.5-100% naturally derived, & are free from harsh ingredients such as Parabens.
I was kindly sent their travel pack to road test which allowed me to test quite a few products from their range.
The pack contains - splashy wash [body wash], fresh locks [shampoo], baba oil, huggy lotion [moisturiser], spritz and wipe ,& cheeky cream [barrier cream]
The first thing I did when the pack arrived was to open everything and smell it all - they all smelt heavenly! I then went on to the website above to check  how to use the products that were unfamiliar to me such as the 'spritz & wipe' which I learnt has multiple uses [cleanser, toner, detangler, and cooling spritz] - I used it to cleanse Baby J's face in the morning using the soft cloth that came with the pack, as it was something different from our routine Baby J didn't put up a fight and happily had his face cleaned, he enjoyed helping mummy with the cloth too. At bedtime I gave the other products a try, the wash, shampoo, moisturiser and oil all got used. The wash and shampoo foamed up well, they left Baby J's skin and hair smelling lovely, the moisturiser was lovely, its a fairly thin cream that gets absorbed really easily and doesn't feel greasy, the oil was easily absorbed too and as it contains lavender oil helped relax Baby J at the end of this busy day in nursery. After a few days of using the products I noticed a difference in Baby J's skin, especially on his shoulders where his skin had been rough, I also found that after using the oil before bed he slept better.
The gem amongst the pack is the 'cheeky cream' which is amazing! Pretty much since birth I've been using the leading brand in nappy cream, and although it works well I've still had the odd bad rash and redness flare up. After one night's use of the cheeky cream, Baby J's redness had gone! It smells kind and not chemical, goes on easily, and does a great job. I've since used it on his cheeks as well to sooth dribble rash. A really great all round cream. The other great thing about the range is Mummy can use them too, I tried most of the products and was really impressed how soft my skin felt afterwards. The travel pack is a great buy, perfect for short breaks, & will save room in the wash bag as everything you could need for both Mummy & Baby are there!
Big Thumbs up from me. The website is easy to use and navigate round and you can buy the products direct, which I'd recommend doing. The products are very affordable and in some cases much cheaper than the leading brands. The also look 'children friendly' which a lovely cute icon. Once my little pot of cheeky cream runs out I'll be putting in an order for the full size products, and if I ever get a break I will be buying a new travel pack to take with us!
Thank you miamoo for creating such a well thought out range for baby and mummy.
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