Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our lovely new logo!

As some of you may of noticed the Slummy Mummies have gained a lovely new logo, the lovely masters of creativeness at Lambchop Creative used their super skills and created us our amazing logo. After a consultation with us about what we wanted and what ideas we had, they went away and then they kindly designed 3 draft logos, we took a vote to see which one we wanted to use, our lovely butterfly one came out top, and with a minor tweak to add some purple to it...our logo was launched. Below are the comments from some of the Slummies -

"Looks really good Mummy Cxx" - Mummy LC

"LOVE it!! X" - Mummy E

"Looks Fab!! X" - Mummy G

"Fab honey, good work

"Love it xxx" - Mummy T

"Love it!" - Mummy Sa

"Love,love,love it!!x" - Mummy Q

"Wow, its stunning! Good job!" - Mummy SG

"Thanks Mummy C it looks great x" - Mummy R
I can't thanks the guys at Lambchop Creative enough, and of course would recommend them to anyone who is looking for some creative work. Please visit their website for info [don't forget to tell them where you heard of them!] They also have a super cute icon which we love

Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED -

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