Sunday, 14 April 2013

Making my garden twinkly for baby.

I live in a small terraced house, which has a postage stamp sized garden. Its not massive and whilst I'd love a big garden so Baby J can run around to his hearts content until I win the lottery that's not going to happen, so I'm going to make do with what I've got :-) Prior to Baby J our garden which is 1/2 paved 1/2 grass has been morphed into a purple plant paradise, with as many purple plants as possible crammed in. I had them trailing up the fence [and often into next door] stuffed in pots all over the patio, and growing against the house. With the arrival of Baby J last year I did very little with the garden, let's face it with a small baby who has time to prune and plant? This year with Baby J being more aware I wanted to make the garden as appealing as possible. I have kindly been given some 2nd hand play equipment and had dumped them on the patio. So on a rare me day I set to work to transform the garden. I first went round and tried to use my mummy vision to spot any potential hazards, I got rid of  canes that weren't being used, and picked up random oddities that had made there way into my garden. I scrubbed all the garden stuff and the patio and position it so I could still use my small table and chairs. I had also been given a few scraps of 'fake grass' and put these at the bottom of the mini slide and near the seesaw, to help protect Baby J when he's playing on them. I then tidied the garden... but there was something missing... I needed some bright decorations to make it more fun for my little man.
Now as ££ is tight I did what all good savers do and headed to the 99p Shop...great idea! They had just got their garden stock in and had loads of children friendly garden decorations for me to stock up with. I WENT MAD!! I got windmills, wind chimes, wind socks, solar powered fluttering butterflies, LED dragon flies, wind socks, and twirly things that spin in the wind. for £10 I had enough to transform the garden. Let's face it I could of gone into any garden centre spent that and come away with 1 or 2 items if I was lucky. I know that they aren't going to last forever, but if they last this summer and make him smile then I'll be happy.
When I got home, I stuck the windmills in the few remaining pots, set up the fluttering butterflies which looks so cool, hung up the chimes, twirly things and wind socks... it looked my opinion but it was all for Baby J so what did he think? The next day he was cruising on the coffee table when he stopped, something had caught his eye outside.... he looked at me then back outside with aww. He then started to point.... he's spotted my decorations, and was keen to get out to give them a look. So off we went... he loved watching the butterflies move, and seeing the windmills whizz round. The wind socks were blowing in the wind and he gazed with wonder and smilled... a very big happy Baby J smile. It was worth every penny and all the hard work to see my little man so happy with the transformation. He loved playing on his slide too, the fake grass was well placed and cushioned him when he came down the slide.
I'm really happy with it all, and feel that with a little imagination you can create a baby paradise and you don't have to spend huge amounts. I will take some pictures when the sun is out, and add them them to the post.



  1. How do you get the fluttering butterfly to work. I bought one on Saturday and expected the butterfly to do a bit more than it is. The only movement is when the wind blows? It is supposed to be solar and work when fully charged. Should it have a battery thanks in anticipation. I like you are lighting up the garden for my two little grandaughters.

    1. Hello sorry for the delay in replying, all I had to do to get mine to work was fit it together and put it outside the sun soon charged it up, the wings flutter and it moves round.

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