Friday, 5 April 2013

Great splashy fun - swim toys

If you've read my blog you'll know I love taking Baby J swimming and try and take him as often as I can. I was recently asked by Prescription Swimming Goggles if I'd like to review some of their swim toys... I consulted Baby J on this one, and the idea of getting to splash about in the pool  with some fun stuff made him smile so we said yes.

I was sent 2 different toys Zoggs Seal Flips - which are little floating toys that have different seal heads on each side. The idea being that you encourage baby to blow on them to get them to flip. Now as Baby J and I had done some swimming lessons in Springfield School, he'd already seen the Seal Flips before, but hadn't really got the hang of it, however now as he's a bit older he seemed to understand a bit better what to do and had fun blowing raspberries in the water, mummy helped a little and we managed to flip them over. We also chased them round the pool a bit [rescuing them from the grasp of another eager child] As Baby J likes them so much I've let him have a couple in the bath too, which have gone down really well, Baby J is getting great at splashing and flipping them over. Great fun! The Zoggs Seal Flips are lighweight and don't store water, so after a quick pat down are easy to pop back in the swim bag and away we go.
The other toy we were sent was the Aqua Splats, which are friendly foam characters that can be soaked in water and thrown around. Baby J loved using them to splash and toss in the water for mummy and Baby J to chase after. The characters are really lovely, nice and colourful. I was asked in the pool by another parent where we'd go them as they looked so much fun. As with the seals I allowed Baby J to have one of the characters in the bath, and they have created lots of laughs as he attempts to sink them and uses them to bomb his ducks! Although they can get soaked the water is easily squeezed out ready to go home. Baby J also decided that he wanted to play with his starfish Aqua splat in his room, and carried it from the bathroom [who was I to say no] to his room to play with, he loves throwing it around and cuddling it [sooooo cute] and the starfish has become a firm friend. Swim toys I've learnt are not just for the water!
Baby J really loved the swim toys we were sent, they were  good quality, lightweight and lots of fun. Thank you Prescription Swimming Goggles for making Baby J smile and laugh in the pool and in the bath, and for introducing him to his firm friend Mr Starfish!
Having looked on their website,the range of products on the Prescription Swimming Goggles website is amazing, with prescription goggles for children & adults, toys, accessories and more. I was really impressed with the great range and even more impressed with the prices. Big thumbs up. Don't just take my word have a look yourselves -
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED!

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