Monday, 29 April 2013

Great gift idea - Bolly Babies product review

Once you enter the world of parent hood the merry go round never stops, with a new group of baby friends, comes a whole new set of birthdays, and special occasions. Having just completed round one of Slummy Mummy baby birthdays, I discovered how stressful finding gifts that are:
1-Useful /Practical
2- Fun for baby
3- Something that they don't already own
Mummy T inspired me when she gave Baby J a personalised little pouch which had pockets to store his toy cars which had road map on it as well. It was a lovely handmade gift which ticked all the boxes. I've since taken to looking at more smaller handcrafted shops online for inspiration for gifts & I hope to be road testing some goodies that I find.
One of the first goodies was sent to me by Bolly Babies
Who sent me a delightful boys gift pack, which contained a funky pirate patterned bib and matching crayon roll
As everyone who knows my family will know we are big fans of Pirates, and I loved the colourful  design. The bib is reversible with a soft ivory minky material on reverse, ideal when next to delicate skin, the bib washed well  and retained its shape.
The crayon roll is a great idea, & a perfect addition to my changing bag, so when we're out and Baby J needs distracting I can bring them out, grab some paper and hey presto baby is occupied for a little while [although he was more interested in using the crayons as swords with daddy than drawing with them, I blame daddy for this!]
Both items are well made and well priced, and would make ideal gifts for any little one. I love the materials that are available & I'm considering getting a Pirate tote bag to add the collection!
Slummy Mummy Seal Of Approval - GRANTED

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