Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bedtime support

Following an introduction on Twitter Acosy Bumper asked if the Slummy Mummies would be interested in reviewing some of their products, and as always we said yes! We  were sent 2 items to review a foam wedge and a bumper.
Acosy Wedge  - is a specially designed Wedge of foam [which is cot safe] that simply fits under the matteress, ideal for when baby needs to be elevated during times of illness. When it arrived I gave it a quick check and put it in the airing cupboard wondering when I'd need to use it, and for a week I didn't, then Baby J bought home a lovely chesty cold from nursery, and was extremely bunged up. It was during one of his 'wake up's' in the night when I remember the wedge and in a bid of desperation to make him more comfy, I dragged hubby out of bed to fit it under the mattress. It worked really well, and gave Baby J the much needed elevation to make him more comfortable, helping him breathe better and drain some of the gunk from his chest. I used it for a few more nights until his chesty cold had eased. Its a horrible feeling hearing baby all bunged up, hearing him wheeze and cough during the night, before I felt so helpless, now at least I can offer him something to reduce some of his congestion.

 I was really impressed with the wedge, a health visitor had recommended in the past using a couple of phone directorys under the legs to prop up the cot at one end to help when Baby had a cold, but that was far too fiddly and I could never find 2 same size phone directorys when I needed them! Thankfully from now on I won't be needing them. Hooray!
The other item I was sent was Acosy Bumper - which is a length of form that is designed to lie along the edge of the bed mattress. The bumper helps prevent children rolling out of bed, and also adds a 'snuggly' aspect for children to cosy up to. Now as Baby J is still in his cot and not yet ready to move into a bed, I asked a friend who has an older child to road test this for me.
My friend was just moving her daughter into a 'big bed' and was concerned for her safety as she's a 'little wriggler' and often ends up at odd angles in the night. She gave the bumper ago [and also put some cushions along the length of the bed incase there was any rolling incidents] and was pleased to report the next morning that during the night her daughter hadn't rolled out, and instead had laid next to the bumper with her comfort teddy - big success. My friend said that she felt assured that the bumper would prevent her daughter falling out [the cushions have gone!] and begged to keep it!
The products are well made and well designed, and best of all  they don't cost the earth so are really affordable. Thankyou Acosy Bumpers for creating such great products.
Slummy Mummy seal of approval -Granted 

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