Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cute, Colourful Personalised Cushions by Twinkle Treats

Fans of our site will know, I am always on the look out for new, innovative ideas for baby. I came across Twinkle Treats through Twitter and instantly loved the idea of a personalised colourful cushion, that Baby J could cosy with.
I was sent a soft, colourful cushion with Baby J's name sewn on - similar to the blue one below. Twinkle Treats use soft fleece material with colourful lettering and stars. The cushion was an instant hit with Baby J, as I opened the parcel he came over to investigate and smiled when he saw the colourful contents, after inspecting it I offered it to him, he took it from me and sat tracing his fingers over the letter and stars before giving it a cuddle!

At the moment I'm using the cushion on Baby J's rug near his books so when he snuggles down to read his stories he can get used to sitting with a cushion, he's already got into the habit of 'flopping' on to it. Its big enough to be used but not too big as to dwarf Baby J. The covers come off easily and have no rough zips, and wash well [Baby J decided to cwtch with it after his toast] I really love the cushion, its well made and really appealing to children. I think it'd make a perfect gift for a new parent - I can imagine them being used to prop up mummies on nursing chairs, or as gift for any age child. They are more than a decorative item, which is where I feel they differ from others on the market, they are also great value for money and will not break the bank.
A really great find and a really great product! Well done Twinkle Treats!
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval - GRANTED

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