Friday, 5 April 2013

Chillipeeps - the must have parent essential

When the lovely Claire from Chillipeeps asked the Slummy Mummies to review her wonderful product I jumped at the chance! Having seen the teats on sale in my local supermarket – I was keen to see what they are all about. The Chillipeeps teat is a teat that can be screwed onto cartons such as ‘ready formula milk’ or mineral water bottles. It comes in a stylish green pod that is easy to locate in an over flowing changing bag.  The teat is multifunctional and has different flow options too.
After the initial inspection of the teat, I gave it clean, popped it back in the pod, and wondered when an opportunity would arise that I’d need to use it? I didn’t for one moment think I’d get to road test it within 24 hours!  After a long and dreary day at work I was kindly invited to meet a friend  after work at a coffee shop, I excitedly picked up Baby J from nursery and drove into town to meet my friend, I had Baby J’s nursery bag with me so all was good…. Or so I thought until at the coffee shop I went to give Baby J a drink and realised that I hadn’t a water bottle with me, or a clean bottle. *light bulb moment* I nabbed my Chillipeeps teat out my bag [which I found fairly easy thanks to the green pod], bought a safe bottle of mineral water, fixed it on the bottle, twizzled it round to the fast flow and away we went.  Baby J got a drink, mummy got a coffee and chat everyone was happy!
After discovering what a gem the Chillipeeps teat is, I’ve been keen to spread the word and have encouraged the other Slummy Mummies to carry one in their bags. The past week I’ve been giving demo’s all round town [to the other Slummies and anyone near by] and the reaction has been really positive. Like me some of the Slummies had seen the Chillipeeps on display in the baby section of the local supermarket and had wondered about them. Now they have the chance to road test them! Watch this space for their comments coming soon….
I’m really impressed with the Chillipeeps teat, it’s a fab product that is so handy to keep with you ‘just in case’ see the website for more information.
Slummy Mummy seal of approval – GRANTED!

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