Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Baby College Review by Mummy Q

Last Tuesday,me and Baby G had the pleasure of being put forward to go on a taster session at Baby College at Madley hall at 10.30am. On arrival we were slightly late, the session had just began,the mummies where sat in a circle on floor mats, while Bea the instructor was sat at the top of the circle.
The group where very welcoming, the babies age ranged from 9 months to 10 months, I felt that I should have perhaps attended a group that was slightly older as Baby G was running riot around the hall!
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The session compromised of singing, sign language,showing the baby's call cards and telling them what was on them, for example me and Baby G where given the letter y,y for yellow, for young, these where passed round the group.We were then given a green hoop and Baby G  had to find the right colour bean bag that matched the hoop,which I helped and discussed with him.

Baby G loved dancing,my arms didn't like it so much! We also spinned the babies / Baby G being the only toddler in the village,then we put them down,this was to teach them all about balance. Next was a game of football, where you swinged your baby to hit the ball, Baby G loved this and found it highly amusing, Baby G enjoyed the doing activities ,but got bored with the seated activities, I would like to go to another taster session of an older age group to see how it is run and what learning activities would be involved.

The session is £6.50 as you go or you can pay for a full term.
I would recommend this class to any new mum,as it is such a huge learning curve for your baby,even at 9 months,there brains are like little sponges.especially if you don't do any groups ,nice way of meeting other mums,with children of a similar age.
To find out more about Baby College contact -
Bea Waterfield
Baby College Oxford
Tel: 01865 436920
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