Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Baby Ballet Witney - Review by Mummy T

Baby ballet review – 20th April
Baby E and I excitedly got ready for our first baby ballet session at the Methodist church on Saturday morning. Baby E reserved her energy by arriving in a deep sleep! She soon perked up when seeing the lovely selection of tutu’s and merchandise subtly displayed. After a chat with Miss Charlotte we took our places on the mat and waited for Miss Breeze to give us our first instructions.
We were a part of a friendly group of 7 other little twinkle toes and 5 mums and 2 dads. Baby E and others were instructed by Miss B to do some gentle warm up stretches, and then we moved on to the more upbeat Camel song which got the baby’s (and parents) warmed up. Out came some exciting ‘bags’ of mystery items, the first being musical instruments, which were played and then some colourful scarves which were swished. These were only some of the props to amuse and stimulate the little ones. All the time various gentle music was playing in the background. The half hour seemed to fly by but I think the level of activity and pace was perfect for my inquisitive easily bored 13 month old. She was raring to go when it was cool down time and sadly poor teddy didn’t get so much a gentle cuddle than a wrestling head lock…but it was all good fun.
All in all Baby Ballet was fun, well-structured and stimulating. I would like to sign Baby E up for some sessions but as you have to book up a term in advance and May is a busy month, I will review next terms dates (which Miss C has emailed out) and plan from there.
A wonderful start to the weekend for Baby E and mummy! Thank-you Miss Charlotte and Miss Breeze.
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