Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Brushing with Jackson - app review

How do you get your baby or child to brush their teeth with the minimum of fuss for 2-3 minutes every day? I suggest the simple and fun way and use the app Brush with Jackson!
Brush with Jackson is a fun friendly app, where Jackson Rabbit brushes his teeth alongside you in his bathroom. He's an interactive Rabbit who likes to copy what you say, he can also be poked and prodded and creates amusement by playing his toothbrush as a musical instrument. Baby J thought he was hilarious and giggled loudly when Jackson said what mummy said in a funny voice. He also like poking him all over to get a reaction; but the best reaction was at toothbrushing time when Mummy and Baby J all brushed their teeth with Jackson whilst bopping round the bathroom. The only downside was trying to get the toothbrush back off him afterwards! I also showed Jackson to my nephews who both thought he was fun, and kept checking back with him to make sure he was still cleaning his teeth like them. I've also used the app whilst out in the car to keep Baby J occupied. Big thumbs up from me! See http://www.rosiesplaytime.com/ for more info.

Slummy Mummy Seal of approval = GRANTED

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