Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blazer Bear - the perfect keep sake

When Baby J  started to out grow his baby gro's I didn't have the heart to throw them away, they held such precious memories. But what do you do with them? Its the same for any memorable item of clothing, blazer from school, sports top, when am item of clothing holds such dear memories it can be difficult to throw the item away, and storing it away can seem like a waste. Well now you can have the item displayed in the most perfect keep sake - introducing Blazer Bear.

On the left is Babygro bear which has been created from 2 babygros and 2 baby vests, and on the right is the traditional Blazer bear, created from a school blazer, with the school kilt on the paws and summer skirt on the ears and wrists, he even has the school acheivment badges sewn to his back, and pin badges on the front.


The bears are stunning, they are sturdy and well made and look so adorable. I think they are pefect keepsakes and would make  a wonderful gift. Although they are not toys I showed Baby J Blazer Bear [which was only just smaller than him] and he smiled and reached for him with curiosity.

I love the concept of the bears, and how they turn a simple item of clothing into these cheeky lovable bears which can be displayed for years to come for all to see and for memories to be created and shared.

Whislt reasearching the bears I came across this YouTube Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4unAzxajGqE
I love how it shows the story of the creation of the bears, I got so transfixed that I was half expecting the bear to winl at me at the end!

Thank you Blazer Bear's for creating such lovely keepsakes, we love them!
To find out more about Blazer Bear please see http://www.blazerbear.co.uk/

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