Monday, 18 February 2013

The Ultimate Changing Bag - The PacaPod

As a new mummy I never realised quite how much equipment I would need to carry round with me on a daily basis for baby, and as someone who likes to be organised, finding a bag that met my needs was a nightmare... that was until I discovered the PacaPod bags -hello my saviour! The PacaPod is an award winning baby changing bag with a well designed 3 in 1 system which whilst manages to keep all elements of a mummy/ baby bag in one space, it also separates out the individual elements of what is needed on a daily basis.

On an average day I find myself carrying nappies, nappy cream, wipes, nappy bags, spare clothes, toys, changing mat, medicine, food, spoons, bibs, milk bottle, water bottle, snacks - let alone all my own essential items - purse, keys, phone, diary etc etc. Previous bags have ended up being crammed so full that they won't close and whilst seperate pockets help to a degree everything just ends up in the main pocket due to ease and being lost. We've all been there, baby is screaming the place down wanting his or her milk / water / food / toy and its the one item that you can't place your hands on, you end up emptying the whole bag on the floor in despertion, and eventually find it [cue sigh of relief and the look of panic as you realise you need to try and get ALL that back into your bag.]

Whilst on the web I stumbled across the PacaPod which had amazing reviews - could one bag really be that good? I decided to venture into new territory and try one for myself... the stunning Almora bag in Highland Heather.

So what's all this 3 in one business about? Well in the picture above you'll notice a grey and a black 'Pod', so you have one Pod for changing, one Pod for feeding and the third element is the main bag.
  1. The black Pod is the feeding Pod, inside it is insulated, has a roomy pocket for spoons and comes with a bottle wrap warmer. I've found the pod is plenty big enough to get all Baby J's feeding essential in, and room for some spare's!
  2. The grey Pod is the changing Pod, inside is pockets for creams, nappies, wipes, and a little bag for 'dirty' clothes should you need it. I can get 6 nappies, a pack of big wipes, spare vest & gro, nappy bags, & medicine in it, with  room for more.  Each Pod fits back in the main bag with ease, and can be fastened securely in place thanks to a velco strap on each one, which can also be used to fasten the Pod's directly onto your buggy or pram handles too!
  3. The main bag, has an external zip pocket with a handy bungee key clip, big enough for your purse and mobile. It has a 'grab' pocket where I tend to store tissues and things that need to be grabbed easily. It has has a roomy main compartment where I can fit all my other essentials. In the zip flap of the Pod compartment also comes a changing mat which folds back into its own pocket. The bag comes with an adjustable strap and 2 very handy straps with clips that allows you to fasten the bag direct to the handles of the buggy. It also has studs on the base of the bag so if you put it on a wet floor the bag won't get ruin or soaked, likewise it has a waterproof coating, which is excellent at protecting the bag from all manner of things.
Having used the bag regularly for a few weeks now I absolutly love it! The Pod's make it so much easier to keep everything in its place, when your out and about it you know where to find things, when you need to change baby you just take the grey Pod rather than the whole bag to the changing room, same when you need to feed baby, you just need to bring out the black Pod and use what you need.  When I get home I find it so much easier to restock my bag, just take out each Pod in turn, empty it, restock and fasten away - ACE!

The studs on the bottom help keep the bag upright when you rest it on the floor - my old one use to topple over all the time.It feels really sturdy and strong & I love the fact that it doesn't look like a changing bag, it looks stylish and sleek, even Daddy is happy to carry it round, and when the time comes that I no longer need a changing bag, it'll be useable as a normal every day bag, and the Pod's can be used individually as a cool bag and mini pack for baby J. I've shown it to the other Slummy Mummies and they like it too.

The PacaPod's come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes, they are a great investment and will last a lifetime. Take a look yourself -


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