Sunday, 24 February 2013

The most beautiful body suits around - Jack and Ava

After a rubbishy day in work I came home to a little package of sunshine in the form of 2 stunning body suits created by Jack and Ava. Body suits are part of Baby J's everyday wear, and most days he sports a plain white one under a funky t-shirt, but after receiving the body suits from Jack and Ava there will be no covering up of these body suits. One of the  body suits that was sent had a lovely hand sewn design of a dinosaur with a button for an eye, the other one had a spotty frog that had  a flappy tongue with an embroided fly near the shoulder - gorgeous!

The bodysuits look adorable, the choice of vintage inspired fabrics on each is lovely nice and bright but not over garish. They fitted Baby J really well, and matched up with a pair of jeans made him look super cute. My friends and family were very complementative and commented how nice they looks and asked where I'd got them.

They washed really well too - I must admit I was a tad worried that they would emerge from the washing machine in a sorry state, but no I was wrong and they came out as good as they went in. Instead of using the tumble dryer I dried them on the radiator to prolong their lives [hence they slightly creased look in the photo - I never iron my own clothes, let alone Baby J's!]

What I love about the designs is that they are designed for babies, but they aren't over the top in your face baby designs but instead are elegant designs which appeal to children with their friendly characters and stand out amoungst other baby suits. Having looked through the other designs that Jack and Ava do, I have fallen in love with several of the other body suits and have created a wish list of ones I want for Baby J.
Have a look on their facebook page to see they others -!/media/set/?set=a.387764887974868.94698.179938842090808&type=3

Thank you Jack and Ava for creating such lovely body suits - Slummy Mummy seal of approval granted!

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