Thursday, 14 February 2013

my wheels - Babystyle Oyster

When it comes to choosing a pram / buggy it can be a minefield, with so many makes, models & combination system how do you choose? Do you need one that can be adjusted into a million different position? Do you need one that can change from one thing to the other? The choice is vast with buggys / prams and travel systems coming in all shapes, colours and sizes.
Some of the factors I took into consideration were -
  • Size - how small did it fold up?  Would it fit in my car? Would it take up loads of room in the house, or could is easily be stored away?
  • Weight - how heavy is it? Will I be able to lift it in and out of the car? Would I be able to carry it up and down some stairs if needed?
  • Durability - given I am Little Miss Clumsy, would it stand the odd knock? Could I take it cross county?
  • Comfort - would baby be comfortable?
  • Do I want seperate pram / buggy or an all in one?
  • Colour - something that would be suitable for a boy and girl ?
  • Storage - how much room is there for me to carry other stuff?
After much deliberation hubby & I choose to get a travel system, one of the important factors to us was the size, both hubby and I drive small cars so having something fairly compact was key. We did the usual trip to Mothercare and Toys r Us, to see what they had to offer, but the choice was overwhelming! We also asked friends and family, and my sister in law suggested a Babystyle Oyster. We looked it up, read the reviews, saw one in the shops and decided that it was one the for us...... the downside - they don't come cheap! For a chassis + car seat + pram+ buggy we were looking at £450-500 new.....ouch! But not to be put off I looked for a cheaper way to get the travel system to answer all our prays, and I found it! Through GumTree & ebay we bought all the pieces of our Oyster jigsaw [& all bar the chassis brand new] and we saved over £250! It did take longer but it had to be worth it to save the pennies.

But did the Oyster live up to expectations? YES! I used the pram from when baby J was born till he was 6 months old, when he simply got too big. He always seemed comfy, the cot fixed easily to the chassis, the hood was easy to put up & down, and the rain cover went on in a matter of seconds and kept baby dry. I also used the car seat fixed to the chassis, this was great, the car seat just clipped in, the down side was the hood of the car seat wasn't fixed and often slid down. After 6 months I switched to the buggy, and started with baby facing me, Baby J loved being more upright and with the seat adjusting in positions, I am able to let it down when he is sleepy, and sit it back up when he's awake.  After a month or so I noticed Baby J was keen to take in his surrounding and decided to turn the seat around so he faced away from me, sad for me but great for him, and with the window in the hood I could keep a close eye on him! All in all really happy!

You can buy colour packs to personalise the Oyster, which are packs of hoods, & seat inserts in a wide aray of colours, we opted for Claret, nice and bright. The chassis comes in different finishes too.We also invested in a cosy toes which is great for cold weather.

The downside? If you read an earlier post you'll see I had an episode of the wheel coming off - nightmare! The basket is also on the small side, but its a small compact travel system so what did I expect? I'm also having issues adjusting the straps to make them bigger, its a bit like the Krypton Factor!
Rating 4*'s

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