Monday, 18 February 2013

It's time to Reclaim Parent Parking...

*Angry Slummy Mummy Alert*
Trying to find a space to park at the supermarket can be stressful enough, let alone trying to find one close to the door so you can get baby out of the car seat and into the trolley. Some supermarkets came up with the great idea of allocating parent parking, these are usually near the door, near the trollies, and are wider spaces so you can have the door wide open to climb in and out with baby! Great I hear you say, and yes 'great' I agree, that is until thoughtless idiots
with no babies or children park in the spaces filling them up, leaving no spaces for the parents who actually need them.
Don't supermarkets care? No not really, there is a sign saying there is a penatly of £60 for anyone found parked in the spaces who shouldn't be, but who exactly is going to reinforce it? I don't know anyone who has been fined for parking in the space, the sign might as well say - "hey you lazy bones come and have this nice big space near the door with the pram logo on it, c'mon its all yours!"

Well this Slummy Mummy has had enough and as usual I'm going to get on my soap box and stamp my feet as loud as I can to try and make a difference and RECLAIM PARENT PARKING.

Are you with me? It you are on Twitter use the hashtag #reclaimparentparking and hassle the supermarkets as much as possible so they start listening to us and do something about it.

*rant over*

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