Sunday, 24 February 2013

Heaven in a box - Baked and Boxed superluxury brownies review

For all those who follow me on Twitter you'll know that I often make a plea for someone to send me chocolate, well amoungst my followers somone listened and the lovely people at Baked and Boxed sent me a delighful box of their heavenly brownies. They couldn't of arrived at a better time - Baby J had me up in the night being ill, and I was struggling through the morning.... the nice postman rang my bell, and I was expecting the usual package for hubby...but this time the package was for me - LUCKY ME!
From the start I could tell that there was something extra special about the brownies, they were delivered in a lovely embossed box, wrapped in ribbon and tissue paper, they were practically screaming "we are super tasty, super nice brownies" but no.... these aren't you common brownies so instead they were pratically whispering in a seductive voice "you will eat me and fall in love with me and want to finish the box in one sitting, we are that good, you will then tell the world of our nice-ness!"

The brownies that were sent were 5 of their amazing classic brownies and 5 of their delicious salted caramel ones which equals 10 of the best tasting brownies ever! & No this is not an exageration even my wonderful hubby who is not a brownie fan loved them, and cheekily insisted on tasting both sorts "just to be sure!" They are gooey and gorgeous with a delicate crust, both flavours were quite simply 'yummy' & what was left after hubby and I sampled them got shared and got rave reviews.

The brownies would make a great alternative present for valentines / mothers day / fathers day / easter / birthday / Christmas / annivarsary.... you get the picture. They also make the perfect pick me up for a parent who has had a rough night with baby and needs the sugar rush.You will not be disappointed as the gift buyer, as the gift receiver will love them... and if they don't send them on to me! They offer a fab range of boxed brownies to suit all wallets, but take it from an unoffical chocolate expert, you'll want to get the biggest box going as once you taste them you'll want to keep on eating them.... I keep putting the empty box under my pillow with the vain hope they chocolate fairy may come and refill them.... so far no joy!

Thank you Baked & Box for being angels and responding to my plea, you are amazing! Slummy Mummy seal - GRANTED

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