Sunday, 17 February 2013

Briggs bibs and bobs - dribble bib review

As you'll know from previous reviews my lovely Baby J is a dribble monster, and can easily get through 2+ dribble bibs a day, so I often pack a few when he goes to nursery. I was recently contacted by Briggs bibs and bobs and asked to review their dribble bibs, and as always I accepted.
Briggs bibs and bobs are bespoke hand made bibs, that come in a wide variety of  colours and styles,

We were lucky enough to be sent a lovely variety for the Slummy Mummies to try.  There are 3 options-
1- Plain fleece backed one
2- Reversible dribble bib which has a hidden fleece lining
3- Arab style bib, which again has a hidden fleece lining and looks like a regular scarf.

I tried a reversible bib on Baby J, it was easy to fasten and sat snuggly round his neck, After a day in nursery he came home with the same bib, but reversed on and was his usually smiley self. I really love the variety of the bibs, and the fact the don't have a massive label sticking out the front with the company name on, I also like the weight of them, some of the other bibs are lighter and curl up at the tip. The fastenings are really secure and adjustable too, so no chance of Baby J taking it off and throwing it around!

Having had contact with Briggs bib and bobs, I've also found out that they do bespoke bibs too, which would be excellent for a special outfit / occassion. I've also found out that they are hoping to raise more awareness of postnatal depression, which  is a big thumbs up for us! We hope by doing this review that we help in our own little way.

Mummy T says "Nice pattern and handy plain reverse which came in handy with baby E's white party outfit. Sits nice,occasionally the point flipped upwards but not a problem and a Handy crumb catcher! Plus good strong poppers. Material feels good quality and pattern on my teat bib was modern. Washes well, might benefit from a quick visit from the iron."

What could be improved? From our point of view nothing! Ranging in price from £3.50-8.00 there is something for all pockets, and definately worth the investment.
check out their website for more info -



  1. its great to see someone think the same as i do my amazing wife is a true rock and i have never been so proud of my wife WELL DONE!!!!

  2. Thank you so much slummy mummies!! Really appreciate you test driving my new and improved bibs and glad they done they're job properly!! You've made a sewer very happy xx

  3. I have a number of briggs bibs and bobs including a gorgeous blanket which is just lovely Its thick double sided clips on to your buggy so u dnt lose it and has silky tags baby D loves it and so do i!! Its personalised 2 every baby should have 1 thanks Kim Xx Katie p