Sunday, 17 February 2013

App review - Goldilocks and the three bears

We've all been there, you are on the move, and baby or children need something to entertain them - you reach for your phone and try aimlessly to find something on there to keep them occupied, and whilst ringtones work for a short time, there are some great app's out there that do the entertaining job really well....

Introducing Goldilocks and the three bears...

We all love this classic childrens story and what better way to share it with your children than a great app in which you can interact with the animated story. The app has great animations which all children will love. The app talks you through the story [but also has the words so older children or parents can read along] and on each screen there is always some action you will need to do to move on to the next screen, for example,  rebuilding the chair that Goldilocks broke, getting a reaction from the bears, or simple swiping the screen.

The graphics are excellent, colourful but not too bright for little eyes. The characters are well created, with a grown up feel to them that children will love, my nepews who  are 6 & 9 love the quirkiness of the bears where you can prod or poke them to get them to react.

As children grow they will get more out of the app, and will love returning to it to discover more and explore the app more deeply.

During one of Baby J's teething grizzly moments, I put the app on and started to go through it, his crying stopped, he became transfixed with the screen, and the movements of the characters. He loved the reaction of the bears and giggled when daddy bear got angry.I'm really impressed with the app, and think it has a wide appeal. We hope there will be more stories to come!
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