Sunday, 24 February 2013

The must have Mummy Bracelet

One thing the midwives and doctors don't warn you about is baby brain, as soon as baby arrives, the brain cells suddenly disappear, and mix in sleepless nights, remembering simple things can be a nightmare....when did baby have his last feed? What time did he go down for his nap? These are questions any new parent will know too well, and whilst  as bubba gets older the brain cells slowly come back, having something which can remind you of the answers is a miracle - well let me introduce The Mummy Bracelet, an innovative bracelet that mums can wear to combat baby brain. Alas it doesn't have supernatural powers, but what it is, is a multipurpose piece of jewellery that helps you keep a simple record of baby's activities and your own too....

The wrap around bracelet will fit any wrist, and features number beads 1-12 seperated out by 3 gemstone beads [each representing 15 minute intervals], and a charm that you can put anywhere on the bracelet. So how does it work? Well if baby had his last feed at 8.15 you would move the charm to the first gemstone after the 8 - easy, if it was 2.45 he went for his nap you move the charm to the space after the 3rd gemstone bead after the 2 [just before the 3 bead] Its that easy! So when you wonder how long you have you simply check where you put the charm!

The bracelets come in a wide variety of gemstones, each with an explanation of what the gemstone means, as I love purple I loved the amethyst one and this is what the explanation said -

"Amethyst has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones. It is also used as a meditation aid when worn as jewellery. Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energy. Using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings"

There is a range of charms you can choose from too, with cute different icons on them. Perfect for making them personal.

I love the stylish nature of the bracelets, not only do they look amazing but they are super practical, and has many many uses! I think they would make a great new mummy present, and a present I am sure the new mummy would thank you for.

Slummy mummy seal of approval - GRANTED

Heaven in a box - Baked and Boxed superluxury brownies review

For all those who follow me on Twitter you'll know that I often make a plea for someone to send me chocolate, well amoungst my followers somone listened and the lovely people at Baked and Boxed sent me a delighful box of their heavenly brownies. They couldn't of arrived at a better time - Baby J had me up in the night being ill, and I was struggling through the morning.... the nice postman rang my bell, and I was expecting the usual package for hubby...but this time the package was for me - LUCKY ME!
From the start I could tell that there was something extra special about the brownies, they were delivered in a lovely embossed box, wrapped in ribbon and tissue paper, they were practically screaming "we are super tasty, super nice brownies" but no.... these aren't you common brownies so instead they were pratically whispering in a seductive voice "you will eat me and fall in love with me and want to finish the box in one sitting, we are that good, you will then tell the world of our nice-ness!"

The brownies that were sent were 5 of their amazing classic brownies and 5 of their delicious salted caramel ones which equals 10 of the best tasting brownies ever! & No this is not an exageration even my wonderful hubby who is not a brownie fan loved them, and cheekily insisted on tasting both sorts "just to be sure!" They are gooey and gorgeous with a delicate crust, both flavours were quite simply 'yummy' & what was left after hubby and I sampled them got shared and got rave reviews.

The brownies would make a great alternative present for valentines / mothers day / fathers day / easter / birthday / Christmas / annivarsary.... you get the picture. They also make the perfect pick me up for a parent who has had a rough night with baby and needs the sugar rush.You will not be disappointed as the gift buyer, as the gift receiver will love them... and if they don't send them on to me! They offer a fab range of boxed brownies to suit all wallets, but take it from an unoffical chocolate expert, you'll want to get the biggest box going as once you taste them you'll want to keep on eating them.... I keep putting the empty box under my pillow with the vain hope they chocolate fairy may come and refill them.... so far no joy!

Thank you Baked & Box for being angels and responding to my plea, you are amazing! Slummy Mummy seal - GRANTED

The most beautiful body suits around - Jack and Ava

After a rubbishy day in work I came home to a little package of sunshine in the form of 2 stunning body suits created by Jack and Ava. Body suits are part of Baby J's everyday wear, and most days he sports a plain white one under a funky t-shirt, but after receiving the body suits from Jack and Ava there will be no covering up of these body suits. One of the  body suits that was sent had a lovely hand sewn design of a dinosaur with a button for an eye, the other one had a spotty frog that had  a flappy tongue with an embroided fly near the shoulder - gorgeous!

The bodysuits look adorable, the choice of vintage inspired fabrics on each is lovely nice and bright but not over garish. They fitted Baby J really well, and matched up with a pair of jeans made him look super cute. My friends and family were very complementative and commented how nice they looks and asked where I'd got them.

They washed really well too - I must admit I was a tad worried that they would emerge from the washing machine in a sorry state, but no I was wrong and they came out as good as they went in. Instead of using the tumble dryer I dried them on the radiator to prolong their lives [hence they slightly creased look in the photo - I never iron my own clothes, let alone Baby J's!]

What I love about the designs is that they are designed for babies, but they aren't over the top in your face baby designs but instead are elegant designs which appeal to children with their friendly characters and stand out amoungst other baby suits. Having looked through the other designs that Jack and Ava do, I have fallen in love with several of the other body suits and have created a wish list of ones I want for Baby J.
Have a look on their facebook page to see they others -!/media/set/?set=a.387764887974868.94698.179938842090808&type=3

Thank you Jack and Ava for creating such lovely body suits - Slummy Mummy seal of approval granted!

Monday, 18 February 2013

It's time to Reclaim Parent Parking...

*Angry Slummy Mummy Alert*
Trying to find a space to park at the supermarket can be stressful enough, let alone trying to find one close to the door so you can get baby out of the car seat and into the trolley. Some supermarkets came up with the great idea of allocating parent parking, these are usually near the door, near the trollies, and are wider spaces so you can have the door wide open to climb in and out with baby! Great I hear you say, and yes 'great' I agree, that is until thoughtless idiots
with no babies or children park in the spaces filling them up, leaving no spaces for the parents who actually need them.
Don't supermarkets care? No not really, there is a sign saying there is a penatly of £60 for anyone found parked in the spaces who shouldn't be, but who exactly is going to reinforce it? I don't know anyone who has been fined for parking in the space, the sign might as well say - "hey you lazy bones come and have this nice big space near the door with the pram logo on it, c'mon its all yours!"

Well this Slummy Mummy has had enough and as usual I'm going to get on my soap box and stamp my feet as loud as I can to try and make a difference and RECLAIM PARENT PARKING.

Are you with me? It you are on Twitter use the hashtag #reclaimparentparking and hassle the supermarkets as much as possible so they start listening to us and do something about it.

*rant over*

The Ultimate Changing Bag - The PacaPod

As a new mummy I never realised quite how much equipment I would need to carry round with me on a daily basis for baby, and as someone who likes to be organised, finding a bag that met my needs was a nightmare... that was until I discovered the PacaPod bags -hello my saviour! The PacaPod is an award winning baby changing bag with a well designed 3 in 1 system which whilst manages to keep all elements of a mummy/ baby bag in one space, it also separates out the individual elements of what is needed on a daily basis.

On an average day I find myself carrying nappies, nappy cream, wipes, nappy bags, spare clothes, toys, changing mat, medicine, food, spoons, bibs, milk bottle, water bottle, snacks - let alone all my own essential items - purse, keys, phone, diary etc etc. Previous bags have ended up being crammed so full that they won't close and whilst seperate pockets help to a degree everything just ends up in the main pocket due to ease and being lost. We've all been there, baby is screaming the place down wanting his or her milk / water / food / toy and its the one item that you can't place your hands on, you end up emptying the whole bag on the floor in despertion, and eventually find it [cue sigh of relief and the look of panic as you realise you need to try and get ALL that back into your bag.]

Whilst on the web I stumbled across the PacaPod which had amazing reviews - could one bag really be that good? I decided to venture into new territory and try one for myself... the stunning Almora bag in Highland Heather.

So what's all this 3 in one business about? Well in the picture above you'll notice a grey and a black 'Pod', so you have one Pod for changing, one Pod for feeding and the third element is the main bag.
  1. The black Pod is the feeding Pod, inside it is insulated, has a roomy pocket for spoons and comes with a bottle wrap warmer. I've found the pod is plenty big enough to get all Baby J's feeding essential in, and room for some spare's!
  2. The grey Pod is the changing Pod, inside is pockets for creams, nappies, wipes, and a little bag for 'dirty' clothes should you need it. I can get 6 nappies, a pack of big wipes, spare vest & gro, nappy bags, & medicine in it, with  room for more.  Each Pod fits back in the main bag with ease, and can be fastened securely in place thanks to a velco strap on each one, which can also be used to fasten the Pod's directly onto your buggy or pram handles too!
  3. The main bag, has an external zip pocket with a handy bungee key clip, big enough for your purse and mobile. It has a 'grab' pocket where I tend to store tissues and things that need to be grabbed easily. It has has a roomy main compartment where I can fit all my other essentials. In the zip flap of the Pod compartment also comes a changing mat which folds back into its own pocket. The bag comes with an adjustable strap and 2 very handy straps with clips that allows you to fasten the bag direct to the handles of the buggy. It also has studs on the base of the bag so if you put it on a wet floor the bag won't get ruin or soaked, likewise it has a waterproof coating, which is excellent at protecting the bag from all manner of things.
Having used the bag regularly for a few weeks now I absolutly love it! The Pod's make it so much easier to keep everything in its place, when your out and about it you know where to find things, when you need to change baby you just take the grey Pod rather than the whole bag to the changing room, same when you need to feed baby, you just need to bring out the black Pod and use what you need.  When I get home I find it so much easier to restock my bag, just take out each Pod in turn, empty it, restock and fasten away - ACE!

The studs on the bottom help keep the bag upright when you rest it on the floor - my old one use to topple over all the time.It feels really sturdy and strong & I love the fact that it doesn't look like a changing bag, it looks stylish and sleek, even Daddy is happy to carry it round, and when the time comes that I no longer need a changing bag, it'll be useable as a normal every day bag, and the Pod's can be used individually as a cool bag and mini pack for baby J. I've shown it to the other Slummy Mummies and they like it too.

The PacaPod's come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes, they are a great investment and will last a lifetime. Take a look yourself -


Sunday, 17 February 2013

App review - Goldilocks and the three bears

We've all been there, you are on the move, and baby or children need something to entertain them - you reach for your phone and try aimlessly to find something on there to keep them occupied, and whilst ringtones work for a short time, there are some great app's out there that do the entertaining job really well....

Introducing Goldilocks and the three bears...

We all love this classic childrens story and what better way to share it with your children than a great app in which you can interact with the animated story. The app has great animations which all children will love. The app talks you through the story [but also has the words so older children or parents can read along] and on each screen there is always some action you will need to do to move on to the next screen, for example,  rebuilding the chair that Goldilocks broke, getting a reaction from the bears, or simple swiping the screen.

The graphics are excellent, colourful but not too bright for little eyes. The characters are well created, with a grown up feel to them that children will love, my nepews who  are 6 & 9 love the quirkiness of the bears where you can prod or poke them to get them to react.

As children grow they will get more out of the app, and will love returning to it to discover more and explore the app more deeply.

During one of Baby J's teething grizzly moments, I put the app on and started to go through it, his crying stopped, he became transfixed with the screen, and the movements of the characters. He loved the reaction of the bears and giggled when daddy bear got angry.I'm really impressed with the app, and think it has a wide appeal. We hope there will be more stories to come!
to find out more -


Briggs bibs and bobs - dribble bib review

As you'll know from previous reviews my lovely Baby J is a dribble monster, and can easily get through 2+ dribble bibs a day, so I often pack a few when he goes to nursery. I was recently contacted by Briggs bibs and bobs and asked to review their dribble bibs, and as always I accepted.
Briggs bibs and bobs are bespoke hand made bibs, that come in a wide variety of  colours and styles,

We were lucky enough to be sent a lovely variety for the Slummy Mummies to try.  There are 3 options-
1- Plain fleece backed one
2- Reversible dribble bib which has a hidden fleece lining
3- Arab style bib, which again has a hidden fleece lining and looks like a regular scarf.

I tried a reversible bib on Baby J, it was easy to fasten and sat snuggly round his neck, After a day in nursery he came home with the same bib, but reversed on and was his usually smiley self. I really love the variety of the bibs, and the fact the don't have a massive label sticking out the front with the company name on, I also like the weight of them, some of the other bibs are lighter and curl up at the tip. The fastenings are really secure and adjustable too, so no chance of Baby J taking it off and throwing it around!

Having had contact with Briggs bib and bobs, I've also found out that they do bespoke bibs too, which would be excellent for a special outfit / occassion. I've also found out that they are hoping to raise more awareness of postnatal depression, which  is a big thumbs up for us! We hope by doing this review that we help in our own little way.

Mummy T says "Nice pattern and handy plain reverse which came in handy with baby E's white party outfit. Sits nice,occasionally the point flipped upwards but not a problem and a Handy crumb catcher! Plus good strong poppers. Material feels good quality and pattern on my teat bib was modern. Washes well, might benefit from a quick visit from the iron."

What could be improved? From our point of view nothing! Ranging in price from £3.50-8.00 there is something for all pockets, and definately worth the investment.
check out their website for more info -


Thursday, 14 February 2013

my wheels - Babystyle Oyster

When it comes to choosing a pram / buggy it can be a minefield, with so many makes, models & combination system how do you choose? Do you need one that can be adjusted into a million different position? Do you need one that can change from one thing to the other? The choice is vast with buggys / prams and travel systems coming in all shapes, colours and sizes.
Some of the factors I took into consideration were -
  • Size - how small did it fold up?  Would it fit in my car? Would it take up loads of room in the house, or could is easily be stored away?
  • Weight - how heavy is it? Will I be able to lift it in and out of the car? Would I be able to carry it up and down some stairs if needed?
  • Durability - given I am Little Miss Clumsy, would it stand the odd knock? Could I take it cross county?
  • Comfort - would baby be comfortable?
  • Do I want seperate pram / buggy or an all in one?
  • Colour - something that would be suitable for a boy and girl ?
  • Storage - how much room is there for me to carry other stuff?
After much deliberation hubby & I choose to get a travel system, one of the important factors to us was the size, both hubby and I drive small cars so having something fairly compact was key. We did the usual trip to Mothercare and Toys r Us, to see what they had to offer, but the choice was overwhelming! We also asked friends and family, and my sister in law suggested a Babystyle Oyster. We looked it up, read the reviews, saw one in the shops and decided that it was one the for us...... the downside - they don't come cheap! For a chassis + car seat + pram+ buggy we were looking at £450-500 new.....ouch! But not to be put off I looked for a cheaper way to get the travel system to answer all our prays, and I found it! Through GumTree & ebay we bought all the pieces of our Oyster jigsaw [& all bar the chassis brand new] and we saved over £250! It did take longer but it had to be worth it to save the pennies.

But did the Oyster live up to expectations? YES! I used the pram from when baby J was born till he was 6 months old, when he simply got too big. He always seemed comfy, the cot fixed easily to the chassis, the hood was easy to put up & down, and the rain cover went on in a matter of seconds and kept baby dry. I also used the car seat fixed to the chassis, this was great, the car seat just clipped in, the down side was the hood of the car seat wasn't fixed and often slid down. After 6 months I switched to the buggy, and started with baby facing me, Baby J loved being more upright and with the seat adjusting in positions, I am able to let it down when he is sleepy, and sit it back up when he's awake.  After a month or so I noticed Baby J was keen to take in his surrounding and decided to turn the seat around so he faced away from me, sad for me but great for him, and with the window in the hood I could keep a close eye on him! All in all really happy!

You can buy colour packs to personalise the Oyster, which are packs of hoods, & seat inserts in a wide aray of colours, we opted for Claret, nice and bright. The chassis comes in different finishes too.We also invested in a cosy toes which is great for cold weather.

The downside? If you read an earlier post you'll see I had an episode of the wheel coming off - nightmare! The basket is also on the small side, but its a small compact travel system so what did I expect? I'm also having issues adjusting the straps to make them bigger, its a bit like the Krypton Factor!
Rating 4*'s