Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What baby needs for nursery...

Getting baby ready for nusery can seem like a nightmare, what will he need? what should he wear? how do I take his food in / milk in? These are all the questions I worried about before Baby J started nusery. Luckily I had access to a nursery expert & my sister in law [my nephew started nursery in July] to ask them both all these questions; so I felt semi prepared for when he started. He's now been there two and half months, and I'm hoping I've got most things sorted. I thought I'd share what I do, to help anyone who is worrying about their baby starting nursery....

What will he/she need?
  • A bag - I got a back pack off e-bay which I got personalised with Baby's J's full name on for under £8.00
  • Nappies - I send in a large handful at a time in & top it up every other day
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappy cream
  • Hat & gloves [incase of outdoor walks]
  • Blanket [I send in a fresh one every other week]
  • Spare set of clothes - I send in a spare vest & sleep suit.
  • Spare dribble bib

What should he/she wear?
Comfy clothes, that aren't complicated to take on / off. Most days Baby J wears tracksuit bottoms, & either the combo of vest & long sleeved t-shirt or long sleeved vest & t shirt over the top & dribble bib.  He always goes in wearing a cardigan / hoody / coat too. Most of Baby J's clothes are labelled  to save mix up.

I made it really clear to Baby J's key worker, that unless Baby J has an accident that there wasn't any need to change his clothes. I'm not worried about him getting a bit muddy or spilling food down himself.

How do I take his/her food & milk in?
I send in lunch, pudding and afternoon snack. With lunch if I'm not sending in a jar or a pouch I send it in, in a little bowl which has his name labelled on it.  I put everything in seperate sandwich bags and for the first few weeks I labelled everything: J's lunch / pudding / snack.

With milk I send the power in labelled pots, and send in x 2 labelled bottles filled with cooled boiled water. I also used to send in a water drinking cup, until the nusery started providing their own.

Check with your nursery before your baby starts, with any luck they'll provide you with a checklist.

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