Friday, 11 January 2013

How to stop your escape artist...

Have you a baby who always seems to be able to escape from the car seat / high chair etc? Several of the slummy mummies have this nightmare, to the point where string and ribbons have been used to ensure baby doesn't get out.... well worry no more! The lovely people at Belt up Kidz, recently sent us a few of their buckles to try out. I gave them to the most stressed out mummies and have given them a few weeks to road test it, so far all the comments are good.

The buckles fits on carseats, buggies, high chairs,  and trike straps, it fits above the main clasp on the chest area, and once baby is safely in place has a cover to stop little fingers releasing the buckle. The cover comes in pink or blue to suit your baby.

Once fitted, the buckle can easily be opened and closed to allow you access to baby. I love this niffty product, its easy to fit, very secure, and be un-done and used on other items, for example, from car to buggy to highchair, so baby has no chance of escaping! After using the buckle for a few weeks Baby J stopped trying to escape from his seat [think he realised that there was no chance!] he is now focusing his efforts else where [this could mean more trouble!]

The product is well priced, and for peace of mind that baby is safe in the seat, its worth every penny! For more information see -

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