Friday, 25 January 2013

Gumigem - the fab baby proof mummy jewellery

As every new mummy will testify trying to match up accessories to an outfit when you have a young baby can be a nightmare. Baby J is currently in the ‘grab everything and stick it in my mouth stage’ where anything he can get his hands on gets shoved in his mouth, and my accessories are no exception, so much so I’ve stopped wearing  beaded necklaces in fear of him tugging them / getting broke / or worse him choking on a loose bead etc. That is until I heard of Gumigem which is a wonderful company that have designed an amazing range of baby proof mummy jewellery… I know what you’re thinking I bet they look naff… NOPE! Far from it, they look really lovely, and are well designed easy to wear items.

 The Slummy Mummies recently got sent a few to try, and from the moment I saw the tear drop pendant I was desperate to get it out the packaging and try it on. The same was said for the Bermuda bangle. Both were very much to my taste. The items are made from a silicone which is a soft sturdy material ideal for little baby teeth to chew on. The bangle slipped over my hands easily and felt light to wear [nothing worse than wear jewellery that weighs you down] I love the sparkly detail in the silicone that catches in the light too.
GUMIGEM- Raindrop Pendant - Cosmos
But as we all know its all very well mummy liking it...the important thing is what did baby think?? Well the day I tested the items I'd had a manic day at work and several calls from the nursery saying Baby J wasn't himself due to teething, so I wasn't expecting a reaction at all from wrong was I....he'd noticed me putting on the bangle and had inspected it quizzically, when I took it off my wrist and offered it him, I was  expecting the 'grab and toss it over my head reaction' but no- he took it, inspected it close up then stuck it in his mouth... tears stopped and he plonked himself on the floor with mummy's bangle being chewed on. When I took it back off him later expecting to see teeth marks indented all over it, I was pleasently surprised to see no marks at all, and after a wipe away of the drool, it was back to being mummy's wearable bangle. Later on he noticed the pendant and realising it was similar to the bangle, it went straight in his mouth [without me having chance to take it off!] as the cord is long, it slipped easily over my head to pass to him. BIG THUMBS UP!

 Bermuda bangle -  The Panther

I can really see the added benefit of the baby proof design and I think it'd be a fab 'baby distraction' when baby kicks off in a resturant etc. After showing  the items to some of the other Slummies, everyone was really impressed!

Having nosed on the Gumigem website I am really impressed by the wide range of items available and think there is something there for all tastes... and best of all they are AFFORDABLE that's right they aren't going to empty the bank balance. They are so affordable that you can afford to buy a matching bangle and pendant.... and with valentines day coming up this could be the ideal buy!

I can't find any fault with the items at all! Top marks

Thanks Gumigem for creating such a well thought out product and you well and truly deserve the SLUMMY MUMMY SEAL OF APPROVAL - GRANTED!


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