Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fab fun family day out

As some of the slummy mummies are now back at work, we decided we'd try and get in a weekend meet up, and today was the first day. We decided we'd meet up at the softplay area in Carterton called Funtime, and it really lived up to its name.

We went in at 10.30 and had free reign in the under 5's area. There was a low padded area where babies could explore the area freely and mum's could be happy in the knowledge that it's all padded so if baby falls there are no tears [hooray] There is a walker/ jumper area, a car area where baby J loved being zoomed about in the cars, and the best bit ... a climbing / tunnel / slide / ball pool area where parents can follow babies. At one point there was 5 slummies and babies sat in the ball pool, with 3 above us in the tunnels.

There is a cafe area which is reasonably priced with ok quality food, with high chairs. We all had a great time, babies had fun, we got to gossip. It was easy to find, easy to park and reasonably priced. Babies went home tired from the fun, and mummies went home all gossiped out. We will definitely be heading  back soon for another slummy gossip / baby play time.

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