Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blissful Bambino – the wonderful support and advisory service for parents

The Slummy Mummies were recently contacted by Blissful Bambino who discussed us having a session with them, so we could find out more about what they do,  and see what sort of advice was on offer. Mummy La agreed to host the evening and we all chatted before hand about what we wanted to get advice on, some of us were unsure about what kind of advice we’d get, and others were concerned they’d be told they were doing it all ‘wrong’; but we all agreed we’d attend the session with an open mind… we had a great turn out with 12 slummy mummies piling into Mummy La’s house, arms full of sweet treats, fake fizz and wine to be consumed whilst we chat.

The lovely ladies Sophie & Faye from Blissful Bambino arrived [also armed with goodies] and were greeted warmly by us all, after a round of introductions we got cracking, Top of the list was SLEEPING! All of the Slummies had experienced some form of sleep issue with their babies over the past few months, from issues going down, to waking up in the night and not going back to sleep. Faye & Sophie had some great advice and really re-assured the group that we were on the right track. For the more intense issues they offered practical step by step advice on what to do. [Cross fingers it’ll work]

Next on the agenda was discipline, how do we say no and mean no and they understand the no, and no just laugh and copy us…ahhhhhh…. Again Sophie & Faye gave us some top tips, for example distract the baby with something else, and decide when you want to pursue the no and how to get that message across. We then moved on to discussing feeding, controlling screeching, baby movement and more.

The evening was really pleasant and all the Slummies left feeling more confident and thoroughly impressed with the great advice that was given –

“Friendly and made me feel relaxed; professional but not afraid to say things that weren't "by the book"; didn't try to do a sales pitch; and bought nibbles!!” Mummy La

“They were both friendly, warm and compassionate. They are obviously very knowledgeable and made you feel reassured. I left feeling I'd learnt something, unlike when I ask a HV a question and you feel like they've just spun you round and pointed you back out the door. Great evening” Mummy T

"So, Faye and Sophie were a revelation. I would most definitely recommend them to brand new parents finding their feet in the early days, as well as parents of older babies looking for practical, meaningful advice from warm and friendly professionals. It is rare to come across people who are so obviously passionate about what they do. This is coupled with a no-nonsense, knowledgeable and caring approach. I liked the fact that their emphasis was on building babies' and toddlers' independence and confidence. Faye and Sophie gave some invaluable tips and answered our questions with honesty and humour and, best of all, I went away feeling really quite inspired and keen to put some of the ideas into practice! Thank you so much Mummy C for organising this, thanks to Mummy La  for being hostess with mostess and thanks to Faye and Sophie for a brilliant session." Mummy S

The Slummy Mummies would all highly recommend Blissful Bambino, they offer a range of packages to suit you. We especially like the concept of Blissful Bambino parties [Mummy S’s suggestion] where you get round with a group of friends and get Sophie and Faye in for an informal advice evening, so much so that we are planning another group session with them in  a few months time so we can get some more advice! Their prices are also really reasonable, and for the great service you get – well worth the money.

Thank you Blissful Bambino from all the Slummy Mummies


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