Friday, 11 January 2013

Bibsy snood review - will it catch all the dribble?

Image of Bibsy Dribble Snoods For Boys

Baby J is currently in the middle of teething, and unlike Baby L, his little toothy pegs are taking FOREVER to fully come through! Which for mummy and daddy means sleepless nights, and for Baby J, lots and lots of dribble. So for quite a while now, Baby J has been modelling a dribble bib to help catch some of the dribble and save his clothes getting soaked. Up until now he's been wearing some of the bandana ones, which are ok, but given the amount of dribble. he's going through 2+ a day, and they can also easily be moved round with putting clothes on or off + they also tend to hide Baby J's well thought out outfit...

Then I stumbled across Bibsy Snoods via twitter, they are a fuller dribble catcher, after a few tweets I was kindly sent a few samples for the slummy mummies to try, I was so excited by the funky design that I put my one to the test straight away, and Baby J was sent to nursery with it on. He modelled a grey version, which sat under his chin, and didn't hide his clothes! The snoods have a super soft fleece on the backing, so no matter how soaked they get, baby stays dry and their skin un-irrated. HOORAY! Baby J was happy to wear his all day, it stayed snuggly in place, and he made no attempt of trying to pull it off, or stuff it in his mouth. Double HOORAY! Best of all it soaked up ALL the dribble and there was no need for a change during the day!

He also looked mighty funky in it, and he got lots of compliments whilst wearing it. I've looked on the Bibsy website and love the range of designs that they come in. The snood look like a little scarf wrapped round baby's neck, super cute, super warm and super absorbant, just what every dribbly baby needs! I've since washed it and it has kept its shape, and softness [guess what Baby J will have round his neck tomorrow!]

Mummy T says " Lovely and snug on a winteryday out kept baby E warm and snug. On a day inside, it did tend to swivel round a bit but few adjustments every now and then and all was ok. Definitely kept the dribble at bay. I was wondering if baby E would get too hot as its quite thick but she seemed quite happy sporting it! Interested to see what other patterns are out there. Lovely item
I really can't fault the item, it's well priced, well made and does an exceptional job."

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