Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blissful Bambino – the wonderful support and advisory service for parents

The Slummy Mummies were recently contacted by Blissful Bambino who discussed us having a session with them, so we could find out more about what they do,  and see what sort of advice was on offer. Mummy La agreed to host the evening and we all chatted before hand about what we wanted to get advice on, some of us were unsure about what kind of advice we’d get, and others were concerned they’d be told they were doing it all ‘wrong’; but we all agreed we’d attend the session with an open mind… we had a great turn out with 12 slummy mummies piling into Mummy La’s house, arms full of sweet treats, fake fizz and wine to be consumed whilst we chat.

The lovely ladies Sophie & Faye from Blissful Bambino arrived [also armed with goodies] and were greeted warmly by us all, after a round of introductions we got cracking, Top of the list was SLEEPING! All of the Slummies had experienced some form of sleep issue with their babies over the past few months, from issues going down, to waking up in the night and not going back to sleep. Faye & Sophie had some great advice and really re-assured the group that we were on the right track. For the more intense issues they offered practical step by step advice on what to do. [Cross fingers it’ll work]

Next on the agenda was discipline, how do we say no and mean no and they understand the no, and no just laugh and copy us…ahhhhhh…. Again Sophie & Faye gave us some top tips, for example distract the baby with something else, and decide when you want to pursue the no and how to get that message across. We then moved on to discussing feeding, controlling screeching, baby movement and more.

The evening was really pleasant and all the Slummies left feeling more confident and thoroughly impressed with the great advice that was given –

“Friendly and made me feel relaxed; professional but not afraid to say things that weren't "by the book"; didn't try to do a sales pitch; and bought nibbles!!” Mummy La

“They were both friendly, warm and compassionate. They are obviously very knowledgeable and made you feel reassured. I left feeling I'd learnt something, unlike when I ask a HV a question and you feel like they've just spun you round and pointed you back out the door. Great evening” Mummy T

"So, Faye and Sophie were a revelation. I would most definitely recommend them to brand new parents finding their feet in the early days, as well as parents of older babies looking for practical, meaningful advice from warm and friendly professionals. It is rare to come across people who are so obviously passionate about what they do. This is coupled with a no-nonsense, knowledgeable and caring approach. I liked the fact that their emphasis was on building babies' and toddlers' independence and confidence. Faye and Sophie gave some invaluable tips and answered our questions with honesty and humour and, best of all, I went away feeling really quite inspired and keen to put some of the ideas into practice! Thank you so much Mummy C for organising this, thanks to Mummy La  for being hostess with mostess and thanks to Faye and Sophie for a brilliant session." Mummy S

The Slummy Mummies would all highly recommend Blissful Bambino, they offer a range of packages to suit you. We especially like the concept of Blissful Bambino parties [Mummy S’s suggestion] where you get round with a group of friends and get Sophie and Faye in for an informal advice evening, so much so that we are planning another group session with them in  a few months time so we can get some more advice! Their prices are also really reasonable, and for the great service you get – well worth the money.

Thank you Blissful Bambino from all the Slummy Mummies


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Weekend breakfast

Weekends are of course my favourite time of the week, and the perfect start to the weekend for me is toast time on Saturday. Baby J loves toast, every day he gets a little bit of my toast when he's finished his own breakfast, but on Saturday he gets a whole slice all to himself. I give him a variety of toppings, cut it up into small squares, add a banana and hey presto happy baby, I sit back with my cup of tea and toast of my own and enjoy our chilled breakfast, no rushing, no clock watching, no worries if we get into a mess, both of us in our PJ's, and both of us enjoying it, occasionally Daddy joins us too, which makes even more better, but usually we let him snooze in, and enjoy our toast fest!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Gumigem - the fab baby proof mummy jewellery

As every new mummy will testify trying to match up accessories to an outfit when you have a young baby can be a nightmare. Baby J is currently in the ‘grab everything and stick it in my mouth stage’ where anything he can get his hands on gets shoved in his mouth, and my accessories are no exception, so much so I’ve stopped wearing  beaded necklaces in fear of him tugging them / getting broke / or worse him choking on a loose bead etc. That is until I heard of Gumigem which is a wonderful company that have designed an amazing range of baby proof mummy jewellery… I know what you’re thinking I bet they look naff… NOPE! Far from it, they look really lovely, and are well designed easy to wear items.

 The Slummy Mummies recently got sent a few to try, and from the moment I saw the tear drop pendant I was desperate to get it out the packaging and try it on. The same was said for the Bermuda bangle. Both were very much to my taste. The items are made from a silicone which is a soft sturdy material ideal for little baby teeth to chew on. The bangle slipped over my hands easily and felt light to wear [nothing worse than wear jewellery that weighs you down] I love the sparkly detail in the silicone that catches in the light too.
GUMIGEM- Raindrop Pendant - Cosmos
But as we all know its all very well mummy liking it...the important thing is what did baby think?? Well the day I tested the items I'd had a manic day at work and several calls from the nursery saying Baby J wasn't himself due to teething, so I wasn't expecting a reaction at all from wrong was I....he'd noticed me putting on the bangle and had inspected it quizzically, when I took it off my wrist and offered it him, I was  expecting the 'grab and toss it over my head reaction' but no- he took it, inspected it close up then stuck it in his mouth... tears stopped and he plonked himself on the floor with mummy's bangle being chewed on. When I took it back off him later expecting to see teeth marks indented all over it, I was pleasently surprised to see no marks at all, and after a wipe away of the drool, it was back to being mummy's wearable bangle. Later on he noticed the pendant and realising it was similar to the bangle, it went straight in his mouth [without me having chance to take it off!] as the cord is long, it slipped easily over my head to pass to him. BIG THUMBS UP!

 Bermuda bangle -  The Panther

I can really see the added benefit of the baby proof design and I think it'd be a fab 'baby distraction' when baby kicks off in a resturant etc. After showing  the items to some of the other Slummies, everyone was really impressed!

Having nosed on the Gumigem website I am really impressed by the wide range of items available and think there is something there for all tastes... and best of all they are AFFORDABLE that's right they aren't going to empty the bank balance. They are so affordable that you can afford to buy a matching bangle and pendant.... and with valentines day coming up this could be the ideal buy!

I can't find any fault with the items at all! Top marks

Thanks Gumigem for creating such a well thought out product and you well and truly deserve the SLUMMY MUMMY SEAL OF APPROVAL - GRANTED!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What baby needs for nursery...

Getting baby ready for nusery can seem like a nightmare, what will he need? what should he wear? how do I take his food in / milk in? These are all the questions I worried about before Baby J started nusery. Luckily I had access to a nursery expert & my sister in law [my nephew started nursery in July] to ask them both all these questions; so I felt semi prepared for when he started. He's now been there two and half months, and I'm hoping I've got most things sorted. I thought I'd share what I do, to help anyone who is worrying about their baby starting nursery....

What will he/she need?
  • A bag - I got a back pack off e-bay which I got personalised with Baby's J's full name on for under £8.00
  • Nappies - I send in a large handful at a time in & top it up every other day
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappy cream
  • Hat & gloves [incase of outdoor walks]
  • Blanket [I send in a fresh one every other week]
  • Spare set of clothes - I send in a spare vest & sleep suit.
  • Spare dribble bib

What should he/she wear?
Comfy clothes, that aren't complicated to take on / off. Most days Baby J wears tracksuit bottoms, & either the combo of vest & long sleeved t-shirt or long sleeved vest & t shirt over the top & dribble bib.  He always goes in wearing a cardigan / hoody / coat too. Most of Baby J's clothes are labelled  to save mix up.

I made it really clear to Baby J's key worker, that unless Baby J has an accident that there wasn't any need to change his clothes. I'm not worried about him getting a bit muddy or spilling food down himself.

How do I take his/her food & milk in?
I send in lunch, pudding and afternoon snack. With lunch if I'm not sending in a jar or a pouch I send it in, in a little bowl which has his name labelled on it.  I put everything in seperate sandwich bags and for the first few weeks I labelled everything: J's lunch / pudding / snack.

With milk I send the power in labelled pots, and send in x 2 labelled bottles filled with cooled boiled water. I also used to send in a water drinking cup, until the nusery started providing their own.

Check with your nursery before your baby starts, with any luck they'll provide you with a checklist.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Bibsy snood review - will it catch all the dribble?

Image of Bibsy Dribble Snoods For Boys

Baby J is currently in the middle of teething, and unlike Baby L, his little toothy pegs are taking FOREVER to fully come through! Which for mummy and daddy means sleepless nights, and for Baby J, lots and lots of dribble. So for quite a while now, Baby J has been modelling a dribble bib to help catch some of the dribble and save his clothes getting soaked. Up until now he's been wearing some of the bandana ones, which are ok, but given the amount of dribble. he's going through 2+ a day, and they can also easily be moved round with putting clothes on or off + they also tend to hide Baby J's well thought out outfit...

Then I stumbled across Bibsy Snoods via twitter, they are a fuller dribble catcher, after a few tweets I was kindly sent a few samples for the slummy mummies to try, I was so excited by the funky design that I put my one to the test straight away, and Baby J was sent to nursery with it on. He modelled a grey version, which sat under his chin, and didn't hide his clothes! The snoods have a super soft fleece on the backing, so no matter how soaked they get, baby stays dry and their skin un-irrated. HOORAY! Baby J was happy to wear his all day, it stayed snuggly in place, and he made no attempt of trying to pull it off, or stuff it in his mouth. Double HOORAY! Best of all it soaked up ALL the dribble and there was no need for a change during the day!

He also looked mighty funky in it, and he got lots of compliments whilst wearing it. I've looked on the Bibsy website and love the range of designs that they come in. The snood look like a little scarf wrapped round baby's neck, super cute, super warm and super absorbant, just what every dribbly baby needs! I've since washed it and it has kept its shape, and softness [guess what Baby J will have round his neck tomorrow!]

Mummy T says " Lovely and snug on a winteryday out kept baby E warm and snug. On a day inside, it did tend to swivel round a bit but few adjustments every now and then and all was ok. Definitely kept the dribble at bay. I was wondering if baby E would get too hot as its quite thick but she seemed quite happy sporting it! Interested to see what other patterns are out there. Lovely item
I really can't fault the item, it's well priced, well made and does an exceptional job."

check out for more info

How to stop your escape artist...

Have you a baby who always seems to be able to escape from the car seat / high chair etc? Several of the slummy mummies have this nightmare, to the point where string and ribbons have been used to ensure baby doesn't get out.... well worry no more! The lovely people at Belt up Kidz, recently sent us a few of their buckles to try out. I gave them to the most stressed out mummies and have given them a few weeks to road test it, so far all the comments are good.

The buckles fits on carseats, buggies, high chairs,  and trike straps, it fits above the main clasp on the chest area, and once baby is safely in place has a cover to stop little fingers releasing the buckle. The cover comes in pink or blue to suit your baby.

Once fitted, the buckle can easily be opened and closed to allow you access to baby. I love this niffty product, its easy to fit, very secure, and be un-done and used on other items, for example, from car to buggy to highchair, so baby has no chance of escaping! After using the buckle for a few weeks Baby J stopped trying to escape from his seat [think he realised that there was no chance!] he is now focusing his efforts else where [this could mean more trouble!]

The product is well priced, and for peace of mind that baby is safe in the seat, its worth every penny! For more information see -

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fab fun family day out

As some of the slummy mummies are now back at work, we decided we'd try and get in a weekend meet up, and today was the first day. We decided we'd meet up at the softplay area in Carterton called Funtime, and it really lived up to its name.

We went in at 10.30 and had free reign in the under 5's area. There was a low padded area where babies could explore the area freely and mum's could be happy in the knowledge that it's all padded so if baby falls there are no tears [hooray] There is a walker/ jumper area, a car area where baby J loved being zoomed about in the cars, and the best bit ... a climbing / tunnel / slide / ball pool area where parents can follow babies. At one point there was 5 slummies and babies sat in the ball pool, with 3 above us in the tunnels.

There is a cafe area which is reasonably priced with ok quality food, with high chairs. We all had a great time, babies had fun, we got to gossip. It was easy to find, easy to park and reasonably priced. Babies went home tired from the fun, and mummies went home all gossiped out. We will definitely be heading  back soon for another slummy gossip / baby play time.