Monday, 17 December 2012

We're going to the Zoo zoo zoo

Ok so it's cold outside, but the sun is shinning so what's a family to do? Wrap baby up warm and head to the Zoo! We decided tp venture over to Cotswold Wildlife Park on the weekend for a frosty walk around, and although some of the animals were huddle in their pens or in hibernation we all had a fab day. Baby J is just old enough to take a bit of notice of the animals and wasn't fazed at all by the big giraffe wondering over and sniffing at him. It was great seeing 'Santa's reindeers grazing' opportunity! Half way round baby fell asleep but woke back up in time to have a nose in the walk through bird enclosure, and laughed when daddy narrowly missed getting a duck in his face, luckily he ducked from the duck! The only down side was the poor condition of the baby changing in the resturant area, for such a fab family friendly day out you would of thought that they'd of got some of the key things sorted. The craft fair that was there was also a let down. I hope they open a coffee shop near the gift shop as it'd be ace to be able to have a coffee and cake before heading home to warm through. So don't be put off by the cold... there are fewer people there but still loads to see and do.

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