Monday, 17 December 2012

Simple solution to giving baby fast food....

We've all been there, you'd packing for a day out with baby, do you sort out a variety of food bowls to carry home made baby food, hoping nothing leaks, or gets too warm / cold etc, or do you reach for the jar of baby food, or even better the pouch of baby food? Me, I reach for the pouch of pre-made baby food, its simpler and easier. Every now and again I get a guilty pang for abandoning my home cooked delights on a day out [even though we all know there is nothing nasty what so ever in the pre-made stuff] Recently I was sent a fab sample of food pouches to sample and review....they were amazing.... what were the flavours? Anything I like! Confused? KOKO have come up with an invention that allows parents to use food pouches and to still give baby home cooked food. They are empty pouches that you can fill yourselves with home cooked food, seal and serve to baby whenever needed. Best of all they are re-usable! Having used the pouches of the past few weeks they are great, easy to use, easy to serve from and allows me the convieance of food pouches with the happy knowledge that I know exactly what baby is eating!

KOKO even sent me some food pouch spoons that you can attach straight to the pouches, making life even simpler!AMAZING!! Well worth the investment!

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