Monday, 17 December 2012

Simple solution to giving baby fast food....

We've all been there, you'd packing for a day out with baby, do you sort out a variety of food bowls to carry home made baby food, hoping nothing leaks, or gets too warm / cold etc, or do you reach for the jar of baby food, or even better the pouch of baby food? Me, I reach for the pouch of pre-made baby food, its simpler and easier. Every now and again I get a guilty pang for abandoning my home cooked delights on a day out [even though we all know there is nothing nasty what so ever in the pre-made stuff] Recently I was sent a fab sample of food pouches to sample and review....they were amazing.... what were the flavours? Anything I like! Confused? KOKO have come up with an invention that allows parents to use food pouches and to still give baby home cooked food. They are empty pouches that you can fill yourselves with home cooked food, seal and serve to baby whenever needed. Best of all they are re-usable! Having used the pouches of the past few weeks they are great, easy to use, easy to serve from and allows me the convieance of food pouches with the happy knowledge that I know exactly what baby is eating!

KOKO even sent me some food pouch spoons that you can attach straight to the pouches, making life even simpler!AMAZING!! Well worth the investment!

We're going to the Zoo zoo zoo

Ok so it's cold outside, but the sun is shinning so what's a family to do? Wrap baby up warm and head to the Zoo! We decided tp venture over to Cotswold Wildlife Park on the weekend for a frosty walk around, and although some of the animals were huddle in their pens or in hibernation we all had a fab day. Baby J is just old enough to take a bit of notice of the animals and wasn't fazed at all by the big giraffe wondering over and sniffing at him. It was great seeing 'Santa's reindeers grazing' opportunity! Half way round baby fell asleep but woke back up in time to have a nose in the walk through bird enclosure, and laughed when daddy narrowly missed getting a duck in his face, luckily he ducked from the duck! The only down side was the poor condition of the baby changing in the resturant area, for such a fab family friendly day out you would of thought that they'd of got some of the key things sorted. The craft fair that was there was also a let down. I hope they open a coffee shop near the gift shop as it'd be ace to be able to have a coffee and cake before heading home to warm through. So don't be put off by the cold... there are fewer people there but still loads to see and do.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Scoop mate product review....

Every now and again I come across a product that's ingenious, and I wonder why it took so long for it to be invented and why it took me ages to discover it, scoop mate is one of those products... New mums will all be able to picture the situation, its the early hours, you've had 30 mins sleep in the past 4 hours, and baby needs feeding again, you stumble to the kitchen, sort out the water for the bottle, open the formula tin and start to scoop the powder in, 1, 2, 3.... was that 2 or 3 or 4....ahhhh pour said bottle away and start again. NIGHTMARE.... baby is screaming loudly, emotions are on edge. This is where the wonderful invention scoop mate comes in handy, it provides you with an edge to level out the powder and a click counter to move every time you add the powder so you know exactly how much you've put in, no more getting confused and wasting a bottle keeping baby waiting. GENIUS! My old slight suggestion to improve it would be to make the numbers clearer as I know at 3am I'd been stood there trying to read the numbers and getting my self in a state! Overall score 4*'s BIG THUMBS UP