Monday, 26 November 2012

Working Slummy, and Nursery bound baby

Alas on the 5th of November I returned to work, leaving baby J at nursery. I always knew it'd be hard, but until I walked away from him on the 1st day did I realise how hard it would be...not that baby realised he was quite happy playing with a new set of toys with lovely people on hand to tend to his every need. Alas it was just me that felt as if my heart was being torn out. Everyone said it'd get easier and they were right it has got a tad easier, and now my favourite part of the day is at 4.45pm when I walk into nursery and baby J sees me and gives me the most biggest smile ever and reaches up for cuddles. The first 3 weeks at nursery have been an adventure, high temprature, knock to the head, vomitting... seems as if baby has become a magnet for any bug or accident going, hopefully when his immune system builds up he'll become more resistent to the lergy.... and with any luck I won't catching everything he gets! I'm also hoping he'll get better balanced and not get bowled over by the slightest breeze! As a working mummy nothing prepares you for the first time you see the nursery name flash up on your mobile....oh o .... so far its been to tell me he's got a high temprature and to ask for verbal permission to give him calpol.....YES!!! When I picked him up he was happy smiley baby and happy as usually to see me. With daily reports on everything he does, I feel as if I have a good overview of what Baby J has been doing and enjoying. His key worker at nursery is really lovely and seems to really know her stuff, which makes it a whole lot easier.

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