Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The wheel on the pram came rolling off!

Imagine the situation, there was I happily cruising along with Baby J in his wheels, and I come to a busy road....I look both ways [I know the green cross code] and when nothing is coming I begin to cross the road...half way across I can feel something sticking in the wheel....I push on...and just about manage to get up on to the pavement.....I look down to see what's caught in the wheel and see nothing stopping it odd... I go to move on and still feel the tension of something catching in the wheel, so I drop down to my knees and inspect the wheel and see that the bar holding the wheel in place has worked its way out... so I push it in and carry on my merry way...all of 5 paces till I feel it again, I push it in again and carry on my way....all of 4 paces, I push it in again and move on....2 paces, every time I move the bar works its way out, I get back on all fours and check the wheel again and see the washer or metal thing [technical terminology was never my strong point] which holds the bar in places has gone and there was nothing to stop the bar from coming out, which would result in the wheel coming off. Not what any parent would want, and most certainly not what I want at all! NOT A HAPPY SLUMMY MUMMY! Hubby and I saved for ages to be able to afford a Babystyle Oyster, and with the price paid you'd think you were buying a decent travel system, one that would last for years. The last thing I would expect would be for the wheel to drop off. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the what if's, imagine if it had of come off when I crossed that busy road, what would of happened? It's unbearable to think of it. After pushing the bar in every few steps, I realised that it was going to be a nightmare, and so used the local route bus to get close to home and walked very, very slowly! I then rang the retailer where I got it and after tears and tantrums was told they would help, and a replacement wheel was promptly ordered. I also tweeted Babystyle which was a waste of time....I guess once you've made the purchase they really don't care at all..... BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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