Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Smellessence books....books with proper smells

Imagine reading a book and being able to rub the spine which releases a delicate armoa to help bring the book to life? Sounds pretty good huh? That's exactly what you get with Smellessence books. When I saw a few tweets with information about books which smell I was intrigued, as someone who has a nose for all things smelly I was keen to give them a whirl, and lucky for me the slummy mummies were sent a couple to review.... welcome Coco the Chocolate Fairy, and Bella the Blueberry Fairy
What we loved - These books oooze cuteness, from their cute cupcake shape to their excellent illustration. They look sweet, read easy and smell AMAZING! Coco's relased a chocolate aroma whilst Bella gave off a sweet blueberry scent...mmmmmmm m. We tested the books out with a few of the Slummy Mummy babies and everyone loved them. The stories also made sense which as we all know isn't always the case with children's books. The books are also really sturdy, ideal for when baby can smell it and thinks its edible too. I also showed the books to a nursery expert and got the thumbs up. The not so good - The Slummy's could find no bad bits at all, but our nusery expert had concerns about the spine being bent and how robust they would be over time with the pages being bent [fair point but we still love them] score - 5*'s Our nusery expert commented that he loved the texture of the front cover, he said it'd be excellent if more of the pages had textures like that as it'd stimulate the babies sense further. Some of the Slummies would also like to see some of the versions for boys too.... These are definately going to be on our xmas shopping list check out -

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