Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Monkey Music....

Every now and again I get forced and dragged [usually by mummy N] to try something new for our babies to enjoy. This time it was Monkey Music...those who know me will know that before Baby I was not one of these people who joined in sing songs, or who got up and danced like a loon. However after a strong talking to from mummy N who said "It's not about you C, it's about the babies, they are the ones who will enjoy it and benefit, there will be a time when they will say 'aw mum you're embarassing me' until that point just get on with it and stop moaning." [she's very scary is our mummy N] I now join in on sing songs, get up moved around like a looney and generally have some silly fun... and so back to Monkey Music, mummy N sent me the link, I signed up for a free session and went along. The room was well set up with rugs in circle, & the leader was lovely. The session has a backing track and the leader sings along, using props and encourages parent to follow doing actions with baby. Some of the songs are well known others I got the impression were created for monkey music. The songs are fun and cheery and cover basic topics. The props were well used and kept babies busy. Baby J especially liked his mini rain maker [I've since now invested in one to keep him amused] I enjoyed the session, but wish there was a lyric book or lyrics projected on the wall for new parents to follow. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay a lot for each session but if they were fairly low price I may be willing to pay for the odd session to give baby variety every now and again see the link below for details

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