Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cussons Mum & Me Product Review...

Every now and again we get sent some delighful products to review, and the box for of goodies from Cussons was no exception, here is what we thought.... Ultra Mild Baby Shampoo
What we loved - the shampoo was really mild, and lathered up well on baby's hair, and rinsed quickly, leaving baby's hair soft, managable, with a mild scent. Using it on mummy's hair was also great, leaving it really soft and no need for condiontioner [perfect for those hectic mornings] The bottle has an easy dispenser, making it handy when you've a squirming baby in your arms The not so good - all the mummies agreed that we loved the shampoo and couldn't find any negatives at all score - 5*'s We'll definatley be buying this again Ultra Mild Baby Wipes -
What we loved - The wipes were large and robust, so we found we didn't need to use as many. The mild scent was lovely and fresh and not at all sickly like some of the other scented wipes I've come across. The not so good - when the wipes got used on mummy to take off the war paint, my face was left stinging and very tight [perhaps mummy should buy here own make up wipes] The resealable pack was also a bit of a let down, they would be so much better if there was a clip reseal on it. score - 3*'s Sleep Tight Baby Bath
What we loved - The bubbles, lots of great long lasting bubbles which baby loved, no need for lots of hand swishing as the bath fills, they came really easily [great time saver] bubbles went in baby's eyes / mouth and no tears at all. The not so good - for mummy this was the lack of scent [daddy was happy with this] bar that small comment we loved the bath wash, and it definately helped baby sleep better. score - 4.5*'s Emollient Body Cream
What we loved - lovely thick cream, which got absorbed really quickly leaving baby's and mummy's skin really soft and supple. The not so good - the pot, fiddley to open & close, if it was in a dispenser it would make life so much easier. score - 3*'s the ease of access to the cream bought the score down

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