Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Monkey Music....

Every now and again I get forced and dragged [usually by mummy N] to try something new for our babies to enjoy. This time it was Monkey Music...those who know me will know that before Baby I was not one of these people who joined in sing songs, or who got up and danced like a loon. However after a strong talking to from mummy N who said "It's not about you C, it's about the babies, they are the ones who will enjoy it and benefit, there will be a time when they will say 'aw mum you're embarassing me' until that point just get on with it and stop moaning." [she's very scary is our mummy N] I now join in on sing songs, get up moved around like a looney and generally have some silly fun... and so back to Monkey Music, mummy N sent me the link, I signed up for a free session and went along. The room was well set up with rugs in circle, & the leader was lovely. The session has a backing track and the leader sings along, using props and encourages parent to follow doing actions with baby. Some of the songs are well known others I got the impression were created for monkey music. The songs are fun and cheery and cover basic topics. The props were well used and kept babies busy. Baby J especially liked his mini rain maker [I've since now invested in one to keep him amused] I enjoyed the session, but wish there was a lyric book or lyrics projected on the wall for new parents to follow. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay a lot for each session but if they were fairly low price I may be willing to pay for the odd session to give baby variety every now and again see the link below for details

Smellessence books....books with proper smells

Imagine reading a book and being able to rub the spine which releases a delicate armoa to help bring the book to life? Sounds pretty good huh? That's exactly what you get with Smellessence books. When I saw a few tweets with information about books which smell I was intrigued, as someone who has a nose for all things smelly I was keen to give them a whirl, and lucky for me the slummy mummies were sent a couple to review.... welcome Coco the Chocolate Fairy, and Bella the Blueberry Fairy
What we loved - These books oooze cuteness, from their cute cupcake shape to their excellent illustration. They look sweet, read easy and smell AMAZING! Coco's relased a chocolate aroma whilst Bella gave off a sweet blueberry scent...mmmmmmm m. We tested the books out with a few of the Slummy Mummy babies and everyone loved them. The stories also made sense which as we all know isn't always the case with children's books. The books are also really sturdy, ideal for when baby can smell it and thinks its edible too. I also showed the books to a nursery expert and got the thumbs up. The not so good - The Slummy's could find no bad bits at all, but our nusery expert had concerns about the spine being bent and how robust they would be over time with the pages being bent [fair point but we still love them] score - 5*'s Our nusery expert commented that he loved the texture of the front cover, he said it'd be excellent if more of the pages had textures like that as it'd stimulate the babies sense further. Some of the Slummies would also like to see some of the versions for boys too.... These are definately going to be on our xmas shopping list check out -

The wheel on the pram came rolling off!

Imagine the situation, there was I happily cruising along with Baby J in his wheels, and I come to a busy road....I look both ways [I know the green cross code] and when nothing is coming I begin to cross the road...half way across I can feel something sticking in the wheel....I push on...and just about manage to get up on to the pavement.....I look down to see what's caught in the wheel and see nothing stopping it odd... I go to move on and still feel the tension of something catching in the wheel, so I drop down to my knees and inspect the wheel and see that the bar holding the wheel in place has worked its way out... so I push it in and carry on my merry way...all of 5 paces till I feel it again, I push it in again and carry on my way....all of 4 paces, I push it in again and move on....2 paces, every time I move the bar works its way out, I get back on all fours and check the wheel again and see the washer or metal thing [technical terminology was never my strong point] which holds the bar in places has gone and there was nothing to stop the bar from coming out, which would result in the wheel coming off. Not what any parent would want, and most certainly not what I want at all! NOT A HAPPY SLUMMY MUMMY! Hubby and I saved for ages to be able to afford a Babystyle Oyster, and with the price paid you'd think you were buying a decent travel system, one that would last for years. The last thing I would expect would be for the wheel to drop off. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the what if's, imagine if it had of come off when I crossed that busy road, what would of happened? It's unbearable to think of it. After pushing the bar in every few steps, I realised that it was going to be a nightmare, and so used the local route bus to get close to home and walked very, very slowly! I then rang the retailer where I got it and after tears and tantrums was told they would help, and a replacement wheel was promptly ordered. I also tweeted Babystyle which was a waste of time....I guess once you've made the purchase they really don't care at all..... BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cussons Mum & Me Product Review...

Every now and again we get sent some delighful products to review, and the box for of goodies from Cussons was no exception, here is what we thought.... Ultra Mild Baby Shampoo
What we loved - the shampoo was really mild, and lathered up well on baby's hair, and rinsed quickly, leaving baby's hair soft, managable, with a mild scent. Using it on mummy's hair was also great, leaving it really soft and no need for condiontioner [perfect for those hectic mornings] The bottle has an easy dispenser, making it handy when you've a squirming baby in your arms The not so good - all the mummies agreed that we loved the shampoo and couldn't find any negatives at all score - 5*'s We'll definatley be buying this again Ultra Mild Baby Wipes -
What we loved - The wipes were large and robust, so we found we didn't need to use as many. The mild scent was lovely and fresh and not at all sickly like some of the other scented wipes I've come across. The not so good - when the wipes got used on mummy to take off the war paint, my face was left stinging and very tight [perhaps mummy should buy here own make up wipes] The resealable pack was also a bit of a let down, they would be so much better if there was a clip reseal on it. score - 3*'s Sleep Tight Baby Bath
What we loved - The bubbles, lots of great long lasting bubbles which baby loved, no need for lots of hand swishing as the bath fills, they came really easily [great time saver] bubbles went in baby's eyes / mouth and no tears at all. The not so good - for mummy this was the lack of scent [daddy was happy with this] bar that small comment we loved the bath wash, and it definately helped baby sleep better. score - 4.5*'s Emollient Body Cream
What we loved - lovely thick cream, which got absorbed really quickly leaving baby's and mummy's skin really soft and supple. The not so good - the pot, fiddley to open & close, if it was in a dispenser it would make life so much easier. score - 3*'s the ease of access to the cream bought the score down