Saturday, 8 September 2012

Weaning Update...

My plan of updating the blog on a weekly basis with a weaning update went out the window when hubby took ill, then I had guests, so now over 6 weeks on here is how we're getting on with Baby J... He's now on 3 small meals a day, baby rice or porridge with either apple puree or banana for breakfast - banana has quickly become Baby J's favourite! Lunch is usually 5 small cubes of mixed purees, and dinner is the same with the accompiament of pudding, either a sweet puree mix or yoghurt. So far he's tried - Carrot [a frim favourite] Sweet Potato [goes down well] Butternut squash [bland but great with others] Parsnip [not popular, lips pursed, even when mixed in Baby J doesn't like it] Pear [yum yum] Apple [a firm favourite] Broccoli [wasn't sure at first now a favourite] Cauliflower [goes down well] Blackberries [the face was like he was sucking lemons, but mixed with apple and its ok] I've finished the baby rice and now use baby porridge for breakfast, its got a nicer consistency and even served on its own goes down well. I'm really pleased with Baby J's progress, he loves his food, and we've even had tears when the bowl's been cleared [hubby's called to the kitchen, "quick defrost some more he's going to go into meltdown mode"] I've also started giving him regular bottles of water after meals which he accept and happily drinks. The one thing I did find hard was the conflicting information out there about what to give babies, when to give it, there is so much conflicting information that one day I found myself worrying if I'd done the right thing, thankfully the other slummy mummies were very supportive. Even the information from children's centre differed from what the weaning lady said. Please Please Please can we have some consistency???

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