Saturday, 8 September 2012

The big move...

The move all mummies dread, and one which hubby and I put off, but the time came to move Baby J to his own room, cue tears from mummy! After dismantling the cot and reassembling it in baby's room, we were all set for the first night... I was expecting tears, shouts, and a sleepless night, what I got was a calm and settled baby who slept well, and wasn't distrubed by us at all, I did check on him a few times but he was fast asleep. Big thumbs up. I'm pleased I waited till he was nearly 6 months old, the recommendation is 6 months. I had peace of mind he was ok and safe. We did it at the right time for us and that's the main thing, not feeling pushed to move baby when your not ready. 3 weeks on and Baby J's sleep patterns have improved and he's going from 8.30-7.15. All I have to do now is get my own body clock to adjust!!

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