Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Puree Queen

I'm no domestic goddess as my hubby will no doubt agree, but having been told by everyone how easy making your own purees are I wanted to give it a go in preparation for when Baby J moves off the white gloop aka baby rice. Hubby bought me a hand blender & I got a book and spoke to a few people, stocked up on ice cube trays and freezer bags from the 99p shop and went to my local supermarket to pick up some carrots, parsnips, pears, apples, sweet potatos, and butternut squash. When I got home I then realised my freezer was already full, so I had to de-clutter and get rid of stuff that had been sitting in there for some time. I decided to make up a few purees a day in ice cube trays and once frozen put them in freezer bags. What I have learnt so far.... if you buy cheap you get cheap and 99p shop ice cube trays dont last well if you slam them on the top! If you can get the trays with a soft base which allow you to pop them out easier this makes life so much more simpler! You do not need to add water to pureed pears, if you do you'll have pear soup. To rescue said pear soup, add baby rice till it thickens!

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