Friday, 20 July 2012

Play Mat a great investment

Baby J was given a baby gym at a young age and as he's grown older he's getting more out of it and will spend up to 30 mins swatting away at the dangly toys infront of him. He's even had a snooze on it on occasion too [all the excerise tired him out] Play gyms come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought fairly cheaply if you shop around. But they are fairly big and we have left baby J's assembled in the front room. On a recent visit to Mummy T's house I noticed she'd got a travel gym, which was smaller and had one bar of toys to swat, it also zipped up with ease, so after drinking copious cups of coffee and snaffling some excellent home made cake I went home and investigated getting baby J a play gym type thing that we can take with us when we go over to visit family and friends. After some time on e-bay I came across some play mats, which were brightly coloured and had different tactile things that Baby J could go for. I eventually put a bid on one and won a round shaped one which has a few dangling things and an extra cushioned bit in the middle. Baby J loves it, and will quite happily sit on it, I've also done tummy time on it with him and again its been a big success. I paid just £6 [£3 item £3 postage] and its in excellent condition and rolls up really small. Well worth it and I'm hoping Baby J will have lots of fun on it.

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