Tuesday, 10 July 2012

16 week Jabs...

I'd been dreading these, having heard how other babies had been ill, grumpy, sick, grizzly after their 16 weekers I was worried that baby J was going to have a rough time... thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought, he was semi sleeping when we went in, but soon woke up when the good fairy aka the nurse gave him the first jab, a large wail started, which got louder with the 2nd and louder still by the 3rd jab. When he was safely back in the pram he promptly stopped the wail and calmed down. We then went home he had his bottle, and he snoozed the afternoon away. The evening came and he was a tad grizzly and clingy but not too bad. At 1am he woke up crying, 4oz later he was back in the land of nod and slept through till 6.30 where he woke all happy as if nothing had happened and today he's gone back to normal. I'm so pleased they are over.... for another 9 months at least

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