Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baby Swimming lessons

Baby J and I have now been attending swimming lessons at Springfield School [Madely Park] for the past 2 weeks & so far we are both loving it. The lessons last for half an hour and Sheila [the friendly teacher] instructs the small group through a series of moves and songs to help baby get used to the water, and to learn to swim back to the side. We start with a circle swishing baby in the water, blowing bubbles and lifting them up and down. We then move on to a series of swimming on their fronts/ backs and chasing items in the water. Next is the dunking, which on my first attempt I was terriefied of, but did it and Baby J was fine! There are then some swimming back and forth to each side, before we finsh with another circle and a wave goodbye. The pool is warm, and easy to get in and out of - sounds obvious but some other pools locally do not have a series of steps to make it easy. Showers are available after to rinse baby off, and there is lots of room for changing babies. Parking is also good. I'd highley recommend the lessons to any parent who wishes to teach their little one some water safety and to have some fun! Price wise they are one of the cheapest around. Big thumbs up from Baby J and I. A few other Slummy Mummies take their babies here as well for lessons and all have positive feedback. I now just need to work on keeping Baby J awake as he keeps trying to snooze in the water, bless my little water babe. The fiddley stuff... what do you put a baby in to swim? Well we opted for the disposable swim nappies from Boots, and a lyrca wetsuit all in one which are widely available and give baby the extra warmth. **Warning Swim Nappies are NOT waterproof, the are just designed to keep the poo in, so only put on baby just before he or she goes in the pool, a friend of mine learnt this the hard way!* Swim Nappies also rip off, which I was only told after wrestling them off Baby J! Can't wait for our next lesson now! Other Slummy Mummies have been having lessons at Puddleducks, which are on a Sunday locally. They have said the lessons are really good, but cost twice the amount that at Springfield. Only one of our Slummy Mummies have been to both and she said she prefers Springfield hands down.

Since I returned to work I had to give up our Springfield swimming lessons :-( I was gutted by this. As you'll of read in other posts I have tried to take Baby J swimming in the main pool, and whilst we had fun I became worried that Baby J was missing out. Most baby swimming lessons you have to committ to doing for weeks upon end, there are few which you can do session by session, that is why I wanted to share a great little gem with you... Temple Cowley swimming pool do great baby swimming lessons, which run throughout the week at different times. The lessons are cheap, and you can just turn up for a session [I would advise booking to save you a place]. The lessons are similar in content to Springfield school, singing, splashing and learning be safe in the water - teaching baby to return to the side. There is also more 'underwater' learning, with the 'dolphin' bit at the end where the instructor [who is in the water too] helps baby swim underwater to you. I love being able to book a swimming lesson when I have a day off or during the holidays. When I went this week Baby J had the biggest smile -he loved every minute and I felt so much more confident. Whilst the pool may not have the top of the range facilities, it does have 2 excellent instructors who will give you confidence in the water with baby. There is also free parking!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Reply from David Cameron

Today I was surprised to see a letter on my door mat from the House of Commons, Mr Cameron replied to my calls and e-mails.... *click to enlarge Whilst I'm really chuffed to have received a reply, I'm a tad disapointed that the local issues have not been addressed, I feel happy that I this space as I'm not done trying yet...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Prepared to do something to make a change...

I'm one of these individuals who will happily comment when things aren't right and make suggestions on how they can be changed, and usually I leave it there....however when it comes to anything to do with Baby J, I become much more proactive. At the local childrens centre they hold a breastfeeding clinic where  breastfeeding mummies can get support...which is great big thumbs up! However for formula feeding mummies there is no drop in and it was made really clear to me by my Health Visitor that should I go to the breastfeeding clinic for support I would be 'kicked out'. She was making light of the situation but the undertone was clear and as a result I haven't been. There is a drop in session for babies every week, but no where, where you can go and feed baby with professional support. A lot of the slummy mummies have commented on this, and said how having something especially in the early days would of been so helpful, I AGREE!! & having looked into it, it seems as if its a Government thing where giving breastfeeding advice is promoted and giving forumla feeding advice is given the big no no. [Thumbs up to the prenatal course in Witney which does have a 30 min session on bottle feeding] So I decided to contact my local MP to see if something could be changed... my local MP also happens to be the Primeminister David Cameron. Its really difficult to get in touch with Mr C....various websites give various e-mail addresses, his own site has a little form, which had a disclaimed saying he may not answer [not good] the conservative party didn't reply either... so I contacted some other MP's in Oxon and one of them very kindly gave me a number for Mr C's local office, called and it and was told to e-mail again, so I did and I received a reply saying Mr C would reply to me by next weds, so watch this space for an update....

Yes I am like a dog with a bone, I don't give up on matters that I feel really strongly about.

The dilemma of teething...

As Baby J is one of the youngest of the Slummy Mummies babies I've become really aware of the other babies teething, and I'm now waiting for Baby J to begin teething, I've stocked up on teething gel and some homeopathic granules & some toys, but I have no idea how effective they will be..... wish me luck

Monday, 18 June 2012


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