Monday, 17 December 2012

Simple solution to giving baby fast food....

We've all been there, you'd packing for a day out with baby, do you sort out a variety of food bowls to carry home made baby food, hoping nothing leaks, or gets too warm / cold etc, or do you reach for the jar of baby food, or even better the pouch of baby food? Me, I reach for the pouch of pre-made baby food, its simpler and easier. Every now and again I get a guilty pang for abandoning my home cooked delights on a day out [even though we all know there is nothing nasty what so ever in the pre-made stuff] Recently I was sent a fab sample of food pouches to sample and review....they were amazing.... what were the flavours? Anything I like! Confused? KOKO have come up with an invention that allows parents to use food pouches and to still give baby home cooked food. They are empty pouches that you can fill yourselves with home cooked food, seal and serve to baby whenever needed. Best of all they are re-usable! Having used the pouches of the past few weeks they are great, easy to use, easy to serve from and allows me the convieance of food pouches with the happy knowledge that I know exactly what baby is eating!

KOKO even sent me some food pouch spoons that you can attach straight to the pouches, making life even simpler!AMAZING!! Well worth the investment!

We're going to the Zoo zoo zoo

Ok so it's cold outside, but the sun is shinning so what's a family to do? Wrap baby up warm and head to the Zoo! We decided tp venture over to Cotswold Wildlife Park on the weekend for a frosty walk around, and although some of the animals were huddle in their pens or in hibernation we all had a fab day. Baby J is just old enough to take a bit of notice of the animals and wasn't fazed at all by the big giraffe wondering over and sniffing at him. It was great seeing 'Santa's reindeers grazing' opportunity! Half way round baby fell asleep but woke back up in time to have a nose in the walk through bird enclosure, and laughed when daddy narrowly missed getting a duck in his face, luckily he ducked from the duck! The only down side was the poor condition of the baby changing in the resturant area, for such a fab family friendly day out you would of thought that they'd of got some of the key things sorted. The craft fair that was there was also a let down. I hope they open a coffee shop near the gift shop as it'd be ace to be able to have a coffee and cake before heading home to warm through. So don't be put off by the cold... there are fewer people there but still loads to see and do.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Scoop mate product review....

Every now and again I come across a product that's ingenious, and I wonder why it took so long for it to be invented and why it took me ages to discover it, scoop mate is one of those products... New mums will all be able to picture the situation, its the early hours, you've had 30 mins sleep in the past 4 hours, and baby needs feeding again, you stumble to the kitchen, sort out the water for the bottle, open the formula tin and start to scoop the powder in, 1, 2, 3.... was that 2 or 3 or 4....ahhhh pour said bottle away and start again. NIGHTMARE.... baby is screaming loudly, emotions are on edge. This is where the wonderful invention scoop mate comes in handy, it provides you with an edge to level out the powder and a click counter to move every time you add the powder so you know exactly how much you've put in, no more getting confused and wasting a bottle keeping baby waiting. GENIUS! My old slight suggestion to improve it would be to make the numbers clearer as I know at 3am I'd been stood there trying to read the numbers and getting my self in a state! Overall score 4*'s BIG THUMBS UP

Monday, 26 November 2012

Missing the slummies....

3 weeks of work means 3 weeks of not seeing all the slummy mummies. I'm having bad withdrawel....this group of lovely mummies have become such wonderful friends and without them I've felt lonely and lost, having been let down badly by friends in the past I never imagined that through having a baby I'd make a big group of friends who'd understand me, and put up with my quirky firecracker nature. Going from seeing them several times a week to exchanging the odd text has been hard, but I'm determined to keep the flow going and grabbing 5 mins with them as often as I can. I feel lucky to have made such lovely friends.

Sunday Swim...

Having given up my beloved swimming lessons at Springfield school due to returning to work, I wanted to try and keep up swimming with Baby J, and so this sunday bright and early we went down to the local leisure centre for a splash. Changing rooms were clean and had specific cubicals for familes....shame the straps on the changers were broke. Pool was clean, water fairly warm and nice and quiet. Lots of nice bright images on the walls to stimulate baby. For the first 20 mins baby J just stared around taking in the new surroundings, once content the splashing began and baby had great fun! It was lovely seeing him so happy, & I'm determined to keep it up.... here comes the downside as there has to be with me.... the small pool is really shallow, which is what you'd expect for a learner pool, but for a body aware mummy I felt parnoid and kept on my knees throughout, if only it were a foot or more deeper!

Update - as its the Easter holiday I wanted to  take Baby J for a swim once more, and returned to Witney leisure centre. I was really disappointed to find that yet again most of the straps on the baby units were broken, and that the baby strap chairs were really wobbly. I made a complaint to the manager and have been reassured that this time new straps will be ordered and fitted ASAP! We will wait and see.....

Working Slummy, and Nursery bound baby

Alas on the 5th of November I returned to work, leaving baby J at nursery. I always knew it'd be hard, but until I walked away from him on the 1st day did I realise how hard it would be...not that baby realised he was quite happy playing with a new set of toys with lovely people on hand to tend to his every need. Alas it was just me that felt as if my heart was being torn out. Everyone said it'd get easier and they were right it has got a tad easier, and now my favourite part of the day is at 4.45pm when I walk into nursery and baby J sees me and gives me the most biggest smile ever and reaches up for cuddles. The first 3 weeks at nursery have been an adventure, high temprature, knock to the head, vomitting... seems as if baby has become a magnet for any bug or accident going, hopefully when his immune system builds up he'll become more resistent to the lergy.... and with any luck I won't catching everything he gets! I'm also hoping he'll get better balanced and not get bowled over by the slightest breeze! As a working mummy nothing prepares you for the first time you see the nursery name flash up on your mobile....oh o .... so far its been to tell me he's got a high temprature and to ask for verbal permission to give him calpol.....YES!!! When I picked him up he was happy smiley baby and happy as usually to see me. With daily reports on everything he does, I feel as if I have a good overview of what Baby J has been doing and enjoying. His key worker at nursery is really lovely and seems to really know her stuff, which makes it a whole lot easier.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Christmas Creations...

I've always been a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas, but since baby J's arrival I've got all festive and I'm counting down the days till Santa makes his first appearance....I've even got the cheesey xmas music playing on loop in the house. Also for the first time I've been planning my gifts for others [usually its a last minute dash to do battle in the shops] & whilst discussing ideas over coffee Mummy N came up with a GENIUS idea [this is a very rare moment] of getting baby's hand prints on baubles for grandparents, for a truly lovely personal gift. I LOVE this idea, and we found a lovely lady with a pottery workshop stand who helped us create some amazing master pieces. Some of the mummies got adventurous and created cookie plates for Santa, and photo frames. I can't want to see what the end products look like [and for Mummy N's next great big idea]

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Monkey Music....

Every now and again I get forced and dragged [usually by mummy N] to try something new for our babies to enjoy. This time it was Monkey Music...those who know me will know that before Baby I was not one of these people who joined in sing songs, or who got up and danced like a loon. However after a strong talking to from mummy N who said "It's not about you C, it's about the babies, they are the ones who will enjoy it and benefit, there will be a time when they will say 'aw mum you're embarassing me' until that point just get on with it and stop moaning." [she's very scary is our mummy N] I now join in on sing songs, get up moved around like a looney and generally have some silly fun... and so back to Monkey Music, mummy N sent me the link, I signed up for a free session and went along. The room was well set up with rugs in circle, & the leader was lovely. The session has a backing track and the leader sings along, using props and encourages parent to follow doing actions with baby. Some of the songs are well known others I got the impression were created for monkey music. The songs are fun and cheery and cover basic topics. The props were well used and kept babies busy. Baby J especially liked his mini rain maker [I've since now invested in one to keep him amused] I enjoyed the session, but wish there was a lyric book or lyrics projected on the wall for new parents to follow. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay a lot for each session but if they were fairly low price I may be willing to pay for the odd session to give baby variety every now and again see the link below for details

Smellessence books....books with proper smells

Imagine reading a book and being able to rub the spine which releases a delicate armoa to help bring the book to life? Sounds pretty good huh? That's exactly what you get with Smellessence books. When I saw a few tweets with information about books which smell I was intrigued, as someone who has a nose for all things smelly I was keen to give them a whirl, and lucky for me the slummy mummies were sent a couple to review.... welcome Coco the Chocolate Fairy, and Bella the Blueberry Fairy
What we loved - These books oooze cuteness, from their cute cupcake shape to their excellent illustration. They look sweet, read easy and smell AMAZING! Coco's relased a chocolate aroma whilst Bella gave off a sweet blueberry scent...mmmmmmm m. We tested the books out with a few of the Slummy Mummy babies and everyone loved them. The stories also made sense which as we all know isn't always the case with children's books. The books are also really sturdy, ideal for when baby can smell it and thinks its edible too. I also showed the books to a nursery expert and got the thumbs up. The not so good - The Slummy's could find no bad bits at all, but our nusery expert had concerns about the spine being bent and how robust they would be over time with the pages being bent [fair point but we still love them] score - 5*'s Our nusery expert commented that he loved the texture of the front cover, he said it'd be excellent if more of the pages had textures like that as it'd stimulate the babies sense further. Some of the Slummies would also like to see some of the versions for boys too.... These are definately going to be on our xmas shopping list check out -

The wheel on the pram came rolling off!

Imagine the situation, there was I happily cruising along with Baby J in his wheels, and I come to a busy road....I look both ways [I know the green cross code] and when nothing is coming I begin to cross the road...half way across I can feel something sticking in the wheel....I push on...and just about manage to get up on to the pavement.....I look down to see what's caught in the wheel and see nothing stopping it odd... I go to move on and still feel the tension of something catching in the wheel, so I drop down to my knees and inspect the wheel and see that the bar holding the wheel in place has worked its way out... so I push it in and carry on my merry way...all of 5 paces till I feel it again, I push it in again and carry on my way....all of 4 paces, I push it in again and move on....2 paces, every time I move the bar works its way out, I get back on all fours and check the wheel again and see the washer or metal thing [technical terminology was never my strong point] which holds the bar in places has gone and there was nothing to stop the bar from coming out, which would result in the wheel coming off. Not what any parent would want, and most certainly not what I want at all! NOT A HAPPY SLUMMY MUMMY! Hubby and I saved for ages to be able to afford a Babystyle Oyster, and with the price paid you'd think you were buying a decent travel system, one that would last for years. The last thing I would expect would be for the wheel to drop off. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the what if's, imagine if it had of come off when I crossed that busy road, what would of happened? It's unbearable to think of it. After pushing the bar in every few steps, I realised that it was going to be a nightmare, and so used the local route bus to get close to home and walked very, very slowly! I then rang the retailer where I got it and after tears and tantrums was told they would help, and a replacement wheel was promptly ordered. I also tweeted Babystyle which was a waste of time....I guess once you've made the purchase they really don't care at all..... BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cussons Mum & Me Product Review...

Every now and again we get sent some delighful products to review, and the box for of goodies from Cussons was no exception, here is what we thought.... Ultra Mild Baby Shampoo
What we loved - the shampoo was really mild, and lathered up well on baby's hair, and rinsed quickly, leaving baby's hair soft, managable, with a mild scent. Using it on mummy's hair was also great, leaving it really soft and no need for condiontioner [perfect for those hectic mornings] The bottle has an easy dispenser, making it handy when you've a squirming baby in your arms The not so good - all the mummies agreed that we loved the shampoo and couldn't find any negatives at all score - 5*'s We'll definatley be buying this again Ultra Mild Baby Wipes -
What we loved - The wipes were large and robust, so we found we didn't need to use as many. The mild scent was lovely and fresh and not at all sickly like some of the other scented wipes I've come across. The not so good - when the wipes got used on mummy to take off the war paint, my face was left stinging and very tight [perhaps mummy should buy here own make up wipes] The resealable pack was also a bit of a let down, they would be so much better if there was a clip reseal on it. score - 3*'s Sleep Tight Baby Bath
What we loved - The bubbles, lots of great long lasting bubbles which baby loved, no need for lots of hand swishing as the bath fills, they came really easily [great time saver] bubbles went in baby's eyes / mouth and no tears at all. The not so good - for mummy this was the lack of scent [daddy was happy with this] bar that small comment we loved the bath wash, and it definately helped baby sleep better. score - 4.5*'s Emollient Body Cream
What we loved - lovely thick cream, which got absorbed really quickly leaving baby's and mummy's skin really soft and supple. The not so good - the pot, fiddley to open & close, if it was in a dispenser it would make life so much easier. score - 3*'s the ease of access to the cream bought the score down

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blenheim Palace big day out

Blenheim is only a stone's throw away from home, and for the past 8 years I've only ever gone there 5 times, 3 for craft show type things and twice for a meeting. As I've a bit more freedom at the moment I invested in a season ticket [and bonus got a golden 15 month ticket and a free piece of cake via the Oxford Mail] as I'm hoping to take Baby J over there for some walks around the parks and garden on a regular basis. Since buying the ticket in July I've been 3 times with a 4th planned for this week. If you are planning on going with Baby / buggy / pram there are some things to take into consideration.... Baby changing, only 1 very small narrow toilet with baby changing in the main palace bit that we could find, in the pleasure garden there was one unit that was slightly more roomy but with only a lock on the toilet cubicle and not on the main door bit. In busy times you can imagine queues building and with only a narrow space to wait, lots of disgruntled rude people pushing past! When walking round the grounds be aware of cars and vans that come flying past at high speed, several times myself and 3 other slummy mummies had to dive out of the way, it would be a nightmare if you had small children, there is a speed limit but it appears noone adhears to it, which is a huge shame as you need to have your wits about you at all times, which made me feel on edge the whole time we were walking round. On the plus side you can follow the tarmac paths so no need to worry about wellies in wet weather. Not all parts are buggy friendly, I asked the staff how I access the gardens and was told to go via the resturant and up/down the stairs.... yes that's really easy with a baby in a buggy. I am hoping there are more accessible routes and next time I'll ask someone else if pointed in the same direction, luckily I had someone with me to help me up and down the 12+ steps, but it would of been a nightmare otherwise, and to be honest I would of given up and trundled back through the resturant and home. On the plus side the paths are wide enough for people to walk past without having to go up on the verge. Butterfly house is one way, and other visitors got annoyed by our convoy of 3 buggys... babies loved it and were taking interest in the birds and butterflies, but again the exit through the gift shop also cause some others to get wound up and were rude towards us....I ended up getting out the shop as quick as possible....leaving behind a puppet of a pirate that Baby J had taken an interest in. The train, you can't take a buggy on with baby in it, there is a small carrige where you can fold down the buggys and put it on board only if a wheelchair user isn't using it! We did ask a member of staff if it'd be safe enough to leave the buggy's by the side of the platform and she advised us not too, so again this might cause a headache if you want a ride on the little train. We took the babies on and they loved it especially Baby L & Mummy N who were in high spirits the whole way round. I'd also recommend taking a waterproof picnic blanket with you, as on the walks there are few places to sit down. I'd also suggest taking your own cold drinks as these seemed highly priced in the food places, whilst tea and cake were reasonably priced and tasted lovely! Surprisingly the gift shop wasn't over priced and there was a nice range of items for all pockets [the staff didn't give service with a smile though] All in all, I'm still really happy that I bought a season ticket and I'm sure that over the next 13 months I'll be there as frequent as I can.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The big move...

The move all mummies dread, and one which hubby and I put off, but the time came to move Baby J to his own room, cue tears from mummy! After dismantling the cot and reassembling it in baby's room, we were all set for the first night... I was expecting tears, shouts, and a sleepless night, what I got was a calm and settled baby who slept well, and wasn't distrubed by us at all, I did check on him a few times but he was fast asleep. Big thumbs up. I'm pleased I waited till he was nearly 6 months old, the recommendation is 6 months. I had peace of mind he was ok and safe. We did it at the right time for us and that's the main thing, not feeling pushed to move baby when your not ready. 3 weeks on and Baby J's sleep patterns have improved and he's going from 8.30-7.15. All I have to do now is get my own body clock to adjust!!

Weaning Update...

My plan of updating the blog on a weekly basis with a weaning update went out the window when hubby took ill, then I had guests, so now over 6 weeks on here is how we're getting on with Baby J... He's now on 3 small meals a day, baby rice or porridge with either apple puree or banana for breakfast - banana has quickly become Baby J's favourite! Lunch is usually 5 small cubes of mixed purees, and dinner is the same with the accompiament of pudding, either a sweet puree mix or yoghurt. So far he's tried - Carrot [a frim favourite] Sweet Potato [goes down well] Butternut squash [bland but great with others] Parsnip [not popular, lips pursed, even when mixed in Baby J doesn't like it] Pear [yum yum] Apple [a firm favourite] Broccoli [wasn't sure at first now a favourite] Cauliflower [goes down well] Blackberries [the face was like he was sucking lemons, but mixed with apple and its ok] I've finished the baby rice and now use baby porridge for breakfast, its got a nicer consistency and even served on its own goes down well. I'm really pleased with Baby J's progress, he loves his food, and we've even had tears when the bowl's been cleared [hubby's called to the kitchen, "quick defrost some more he's going to go into meltdown mode"] I've also started giving him regular bottles of water after meals which he accept and happily drinks. The one thing I did find hard was the conflicting information out there about what to give babies, when to give it, there is so much conflicting information that one day I found myself worrying if I'd done the right thing, thankfully the other slummy mummies were very supportive. Even the information from children's centre differed from what the weaning lady said. Please Please Please can we have some consistency???

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Puree Queen

I'm no domestic goddess as my hubby will no doubt agree, but having been told by everyone how easy making your own purees are I wanted to give it a go in preparation for when Baby J moves off the white gloop aka baby rice. Hubby bought me a hand blender & I got a book and spoke to a few people, stocked up on ice cube trays and freezer bags from the 99p shop and went to my local supermarket to pick up some carrots, parsnips, pears, apples, sweet potatos, and butternut squash. When I got home I then realised my freezer was already full, so I had to de-clutter and get rid of stuff that had been sitting in there for some time. I decided to make up a few purees a day in ice cube trays and once frozen put them in freezer bags. What I have learnt so far.... if you buy cheap you get cheap and 99p shop ice cube trays dont last well if you slam them on the top! If you can get the trays with a soft base which allow you to pop them out easier this makes life so much more simpler! You do not need to add water to pureed pears, if you do you'll have pear soup. To rescue said pear soup, add baby rice till it thickens!

Early stages of weaning

I can't believe our babies are now at the stage of weaning, where has the months gone? We are all pretty much at the same stage, so I'm hoping to add a new blog every week reporting back on baby J's progress. Week one - baby rice extravaganza! After much umm-ing and ah-ing hubby and I decided to take the plunge and start weaning baby J, he's been avidly watching us eat our dinners for a while now and chewing non stop on his hands, and after giving him a crust of bread which went straight for the mouth [and then back out again after I fished it out] we went for it and mixed him up some baby rice...mmmmmmm. Baby J looked bemused 'what is this white gloop your putting in my mouth?' but he very quickly got the hang of it and was wolfing it down. For the first few tries he closed his eyes and pull a sour tasting experession. We were really impressed how little went everywhere! The past few days have been pretty much the same with the exception of when we tried feeding him when we were out and he was too busy looking around to take it all in!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Play Mat a great investment

Baby J was given a baby gym at a young age and as he's grown older he's getting more out of it and will spend up to 30 mins swatting away at the dangly toys infront of him. He's even had a snooze on it on occasion too [all the excerise tired him out] Play gyms come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought fairly cheaply if you shop around. But they are fairly big and we have left baby J's assembled in the front room. On a recent visit to Mummy T's house I noticed she'd got a travel gym, which was smaller and had one bar of toys to swat, it also zipped up with ease, so after drinking copious cups of coffee and snaffling some excellent home made cake I went home and investigated getting baby J a play gym type thing that we can take with us when we go over to visit family and friends. After some time on e-bay I came across some play mats, which were brightly coloured and had different tactile things that Baby J could go for. I eventually put a bid on one and won a round shaped one which has a few dangling things and an extra cushioned bit in the middle. Baby J loves it, and will quite happily sit on it, I've also done tummy time on it with him and again its been a big success. I paid just £6 [£3 item £3 postage] and its in excellent condition and rolls up really small. Well worth it and I'm hoping Baby J will have lots of fun on it.

First Aid Course...

The Slummy Mummies recently attended a basic baby and infant first aid course that was put on for FREE by Witney's Childrens Centre. The course lasted 2 hours and was a whistle stop tour on what to do with burns, cuts, blood noses, and how to do CPR. I feel so grateful that I went on the course and would now be more confident in my reactions should Baby J have a fall etc. I'd highly recommend it to all new parents. Next time I'll send hubby along

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

16 week Jabs...

I'd been dreading these, having heard how other babies had been ill, grumpy, sick, grizzly after their 16 weekers I was worried that baby J was going to have a rough time... thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought, he was semi sleeping when we went in, but soon woke up when the good fairy aka the nurse gave him the first jab, a large wail started, which got louder with the 2nd and louder still by the 3rd jab. When he was safely back in the pram he promptly stopped the wail and calmed down. We then went home he had his bottle, and he snoozed the afternoon away. The evening came and he was a tad grizzly and clingy but not too bad. At 1am he woke up crying, 4oz later he was back in the land of nod and slept through till 6.30 where he woke all happy as if nothing had happened and today he's gone back to normal. I'm so pleased they are over.... for another 9 months at least

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baby Swimming lessons

Baby J and I have now been attending swimming lessons at Springfield School [Madely Park] for the past 2 weeks & so far we are both loving it. The lessons last for half an hour and Sheila [the friendly teacher] instructs the small group through a series of moves and songs to help baby get used to the water, and to learn to swim back to the side. We start with a circle swishing baby in the water, blowing bubbles and lifting them up and down. We then move on to a series of swimming on their fronts/ backs and chasing items in the water. Next is the dunking, which on my first attempt I was terriefied of, but did it and Baby J was fine! There are then some swimming back and forth to each side, before we finsh with another circle and a wave goodbye. The pool is warm, and easy to get in and out of - sounds obvious but some other pools locally do not have a series of steps to make it easy. Showers are available after to rinse baby off, and there is lots of room for changing babies. Parking is also good. I'd highley recommend the lessons to any parent who wishes to teach their little one some water safety and to have some fun! Price wise they are one of the cheapest around. Big thumbs up from Baby J and I. A few other Slummy Mummies take their babies here as well for lessons and all have positive feedback. I now just need to work on keeping Baby J awake as he keeps trying to snooze in the water, bless my little water babe. The fiddley stuff... what do you put a baby in to swim? Well we opted for the disposable swim nappies from Boots, and a lyrca wetsuit all in one which are widely available and give baby the extra warmth. **Warning Swim Nappies are NOT waterproof, the are just designed to keep the poo in, so only put on baby just before he or she goes in the pool, a friend of mine learnt this the hard way!* Swim Nappies also rip off, which I was only told after wrestling them off Baby J! Can't wait for our next lesson now! Other Slummy Mummies have been having lessons at Puddleducks, which are on a Sunday locally. They have said the lessons are really good, but cost twice the amount that at Springfield. Only one of our Slummy Mummies have been to both and she said she prefers Springfield hands down.

Since I returned to work I had to give up our Springfield swimming lessons :-( I was gutted by this. As you'll of read in other posts I have tried to take Baby J swimming in the main pool, and whilst we had fun I became worried that Baby J was missing out. Most baby swimming lessons you have to committ to doing for weeks upon end, there are few which you can do session by session, that is why I wanted to share a great little gem with you... Temple Cowley swimming pool do great baby swimming lessons, which run throughout the week at different times. The lessons are cheap, and you can just turn up for a session [I would advise booking to save you a place]. The lessons are similar in content to Springfield school, singing, splashing and learning be safe in the water - teaching baby to return to the side. There is also more 'underwater' learning, with the 'dolphin' bit at the end where the instructor [who is in the water too] helps baby swim underwater to you. I love being able to book a swimming lesson when I have a day off or during the holidays. When I went this week Baby J had the biggest smile -he loved every minute and I felt so much more confident. Whilst the pool may not have the top of the range facilities, it does have 2 excellent instructors who will give you confidence in the water with baby. There is also free parking!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Reply from David Cameron

Today I was surprised to see a letter on my door mat from the House of Commons, Mr Cameron replied to my calls and e-mails.... *click to enlarge Whilst I'm really chuffed to have received a reply, I'm a tad disapointed that the local issues have not been addressed, I feel happy that I this space as I'm not done trying yet...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Prepared to do something to make a change...

I'm one of these individuals who will happily comment when things aren't right and make suggestions on how they can be changed, and usually I leave it there....however when it comes to anything to do with Baby J, I become much more proactive. At the local childrens centre they hold a breastfeeding clinic where  breastfeeding mummies can get support...which is great big thumbs up! However for formula feeding mummies there is no drop in and it was made really clear to me by my Health Visitor that should I go to the breastfeeding clinic for support I would be 'kicked out'. She was making light of the situation but the undertone was clear and as a result I haven't been. There is a drop in session for babies every week, but no where, where you can go and feed baby with professional support. A lot of the slummy mummies have commented on this, and said how having something especially in the early days would of been so helpful, I AGREE!! & having looked into it, it seems as if its a Government thing where giving breastfeeding advice is promoted and giving forumla feeding advice is given the big no no. [Thumbs up to the prenatal course in Witney which does have a 30 min session on bottle feeding] So I decided to contact my local MP to see if something could be changed... my local MP also happens to be the Primeminister David Cameron. Its really difficult to get in touch with Mr C....various websites give various e-mail addresses, his own site has a little form, which had a disclaimed saying he may not answer [not good] the conservative party didn't reply either... so I contacted some other MP's in Oxon and one of them very kindly gave me a number for Mr C's local office, called and it and was told to e-mail again, so I did and I received a reply saying Mr C would reply to me by next weds, so watch this space for an update....

Yes I am like a dog with a bone, I don't give up on matters that I feel really strongly about.

The dilemma of teething...

As Baby J is one of the youngest of the Slummy Mummies babies I've become really aware of the other babies teething, and I'm now waiting for Baby J to begin teething, I've stocked up on teething gel and some homeopathic granules & some toys, but I have no idea how effective they will be..... wish me luck

Monday, 18 June 2012


Welcome to my slummy mummy blog, I hope you enjoy it and find some of it useful!